One on One with Marcus Lee

Marcus Lee, the 6-9, athletic center prospect, has seen his recruitment blow up this spring. He talked to us about the programs that have started recruiting him recently, and how he feels about some coaches...

TDD: Your brother plays a prominent role in advising you in your recruitment. Did he watch the same teams that you did growing up?

Marcus Lee: Yeah, like me, he watched North Carolina, Duke and NC State. That was mostly because that was who my dad watched. When they were all on, it was just a day where we all watched.

How did your and your brother's phone do when the new phone rules kicked in?

It straight blew up. It was probably 1:00 a.m. when I got back to my phone and it was already going crazy. His phone was going off and he called me and was like "this is just crazy," and he was like "I hate you."

So what colleges called, and who stood out?

I think I got...I gotta look at my first text message was....I don't even remember, there were so many. I'd have to go back to my phone just to make was straight up crazy.

Now that you have experienced the new phone rules, what are your thoughts?

Honestly, I love it. Coaches can finally text me which is good because most 17 year olds like texting better. It's a lot easier to reply back, or if I miss a call we can set a time for another call it's just a lot better.

VCU is a school you have mentioned in the past, Marcus, is there still a lot of contact with them?

We still communicate. In the beginning of the year I promised Coach Smart that I would call him every week and I've been doing that because I don't like missing promises. We still keep in touch, and he's a really nice guy.

Where does your interest level with VCU stand right now since they have been with you for awhile?

Right now all the schools are equal. I haven't pushed anybody higher or lower. I'm just seeing what comes next and how people approach me.

It was reported recently that North Carolina has increased their interest. Can you describe what they have been saying to you?

Well, I haven't gotten the opportunity to speak on the phone with them a lot because the first week they called I wasn't taking any calls due to the fact that I had my finals at school and had to take my ACT test. Since then I've gotten the chance to talk with them a little bit before I was going to be getting on a plane, so we've been back and forth some. Once I really have time I'm looking forward to having a good talk with them.

What's the Duke contact been like since the spring?

I just got a text message from Coach K this morning. We were just talking about the camp and to make sure I was having fun. He was just seeing how my thoughts were and how I was doing.

How are you handling all the increased recruiting attention?

I have a really great support group around me that helps me stay level headed. My brother too, he takes things off me as much as possible. He just takes the recruiting stuff and breaks it down so I can have a normal life.

Are there specific schools that he's telling you to play close attention to?

No, he's he mainly telling me to not let anybody push me to do something. He keeps me aware by telling me to call this guy or this guy and really take the time to learn on my own.

What things are you keying on in your consideration of schools?

Since I'm leaving home and I won't have many people around me that I know, I really want a coach that takes me in and guides me and keeps me on track. A family surrounding, you know?

From a basketball fit. what do you think is a good situation for you?

Honestly I don't think it really matters. I can adjust to pretty much anything. Like, with offense, that doesn't matter too much to me and with defense I can adjust to a variety.

Are there any schools in your mind that you already know that you would like to take an official visit to?

There's two that I really want to go to and that's North Carolina and Duke. Just because that's something that's always been there. My family...we've just always liked them. Those are the ones that I thought would be really fun to visit.

When do you think you would want to take those visits?

Whenever I have time honestly. With all this basketball now is just crazy schedule wise you really don't have time to even stay at home and sleep for a day.

In college do you want to be the featured guy or do you want to blend in more?

I think it all depends. It's like my coach tells me to be ready to make plays when they are needed to be made. If it's a game where I'm needed to block shots and rebound because my guards can get to the rim then that's what I'll do and I'll have a great game at that.

UCLA is another school recruiting you. What's the relationship like with the staff?

Yeah I know the UCLA coach very well. Coach Howland is a very cool friend of mine I really am learning to trust him.

What is it that you are learning that is helping you build that trust?

I really learn to listen to like the way they are on the phone. I look at what they start with and I pay attention to what they say about me and their schools.

Is there any coach that is standing out in your mind in how they are relating to you?

Coach K is the first one I'd say because he got on the phone just real energetic. It was amazing. He's the most energetic guy I've talked to on the phone. He was straight business, but his voice…he was just real energetic about talking with me. He was telling me he really can't wait to continue recruiting me and hopefully coach me. He told me that he's never seen anybody do the little things like I do in a really long time, and said he really enjoyed watching me play the way I do.

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