Update on Missouri QB Chase Patton

Recently invited to the prestigious Elite 11 quarterbacks camp, which brings the top quarterbacks in the country to California, Missouri prospect <b>Chase Patton</b> might have some extra travel plans while out west...

Chase Patton, 6-5, 210, Columbia (Missouri) Rock Bridge, 6-5, is one of the Midwest's top quarterbacks, and has 15 offers to date.

"Chase has gotten a lot of attention, and while I don't know who exactly is in his Top 5, I know that UCLA is one of them.," said Bob Patton, Chase's father.

Along with the Bruins, Patton has an offer from Stanford, Purdue and Missouri, the hometown school, who is also a strong candidate for his services. Patton will take a swing out west when he participates in the Elite 11 camp in late July. "When Chase goes out to the Elite 11, I know he will go and see UCLA while he is out in Southern California."

Patton is being recruited by UCLA assistant coach Brian Schneider, who handles the Midwest. Mr. Patton said, "He really likes Coach Schneider. He is a good guy. I know that academics are going to be very important for us. He would like to major in engineering or in business, and UCLA and Stanford are good in those areas."

Patton is watching the situation at Missouri closely, with Coach Gary Pinkel being rumored to possibly replace Rick Neuheisel at Washington. He also is watching Purdue, as both Chase and his father are impressed by Boilermaker coach Joe Tiller.

"We want to make sure that where he decides, it is the glove that fits him. He knows how important an education is to him, so I know he will make the right decision."

Patton is fully qualified and will participate only in the Elite 11 Camp this summer, pending his selection.

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