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It was a talented year at the B2G Elite Camp, with plenty of UCLA recruits in attendance, including Craig Lee, Tahaan Goodman, John Ross, and more...

The B2G Elite Camp at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks was loaded with skill talent. Here's a look at the UCLA prospects that participated.

Priest Willis, S/CB, Tempe (Ariz.) Marcos De Niza -- Willis was hurt and didn't participate much, but is physically impressive playing both corner and safety. He had a few reps where he really showed a nice burst. There are some concerns, though, with a back injury due to minor scoliosis, and having lost some weight, but the upside is, by being leaner, he's more suited to play corner.

Tahaan Goodman S, Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) -- One of the best few DBs at the camp, Goodman was a force at safety, but also didn't participate fully because of injury. For his size he's very quick, able to cover a great amount of space with his combo of size and quickness. A truly elite prospect that has to be at the top of UCLA wish list.

John Ross, WR, Long Beach (Calif.) Jordan -- He's a great-looking prospect. About 5-11 and very fast, clearly a deep-ball threat since every time he went deep he blasted past his defender. It's easy to see why Ross is one of the few at the top of UCLA's receiver wish list for 2012. Video interview coming up.

Craig Lee, RB, Redlands -- Physically great-looking, at about 5-11 and well-built but not too big yet. Lee was raw in the drills, struggling sometimes with footwork, but he showed some pure athleticism when out in space in the 1-on-1s, and a great burst of speed to turn a corner. Video interview coming up.

Victor Bolden, WR, Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Los Osos -- About 5-9, but very, very quick, Bolden gets separation and makes great catches. He's not much smaller than Ross, but he's more of a possession receiver than Ross, actually, consistently making intermediate and short catches. Bolden, too, is a smart kid, and advanced in his knowledge of the game and defenses. Also, he's a competitor. Over the course of three days, when it was time for the 1-on-1s, while other receivers didn't choose to take reps, it felt like he was stepping up to take every other one. He was one of the few best WRs at the camp. UCLA hasn't offered, and we know that the Boldens were looking for an offer from the UCLA camp, and are a bit disappointed. Since that camp, Bolden hasn't mentioned UCLA, so this is a matter of UCLA having to stay on him, even if they don't want to offer just yet, because you'd like someone of Bolden's talent as an option.

Christian Morris, OL, Memphis (Tenn.) East - Morris is a big kid, about 6-6 and 290. He's a bit top heavy, and tends to bend at his waist and not his knees, which gives him a too-high center of gravity, but you have to give him a pass since he had a knee injury that hindered him. Still, with all that, he showed good feet and an impressive toughness. He punched a DL on a one-on-one drill that was perhaps one of the scariest things I've ever seen in OL/DL one-on-ones (We'll have video of it coming later). He'll announce his decision after The Opening and is pretty well-accepted it will be UCLA.

Isaac Savaiinaea, LB, Honolulu (Haw.) Punahou. -- At about 6-3 and probably 235, he physically looks like a young defensive end at this stage. He could tighten up his body some, but he moved easily for a kid his size. A camp, and 7on7, isn't a good environment to evaluate linebackers, but you could see with some development how Savaiinaea is considered a potentially elite inside linebacker prospect. Of course, if you hadn't heard, Savaiinaea was verbally committed to Stanford, but then took an unofficial visit to UCLA Thursday and de-committed.

Jermaine Kelly, CB, Los Angeles Salesian. Kelly showed up late after having been at the Washington camp, and was nicked up, but he looked athletic, long and smooth in coverage. He has a great body, at about 6-1 and 180-ish, still pretty thin but with a frame where you know he could add good weight. Video interview coming up.

John Lopez, OL, Orange (Calif.) Lutheran -- He's not spectacular but solid. He wins much more one-on-ones than he loses, but isn't dominant. He is a legit 6-5 and 300+ pounds and has fairly good feet for that size. He has indicated he wanted to commit to UCLA, but we'll see how it develops.

Poasi Moala, OL, Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde -- Moala showed up after tripping to Washington and verbally committing. Like at the UCLA camp, he showed good athleticism, with good feet, but he's raw and has a long ways to go. We've heard that, even though he verballed to UDub, UCLA will still have a very good shot with him since the Bruins just offered and his parents want him to stay close to home.

Joshua Hill, WR, Playa Del Rey (Calif.) St. Bernard. Hill was almost completely unknown but made a name for himself here. He's about 6-0 to 6-1 with a good body, pretty good quickness while technically good in route-running and catching the ball. Even without seeing him in a game, we'd be surprised if he weren't a Pac-12 receiver prospect.

Tyree Robinson, WR, San Diego Lincoln. He didn't participate much, sitting out with an injury, but athletically looks very good, at about 6-2.5 and 195, as either a receiver or a safety.

Tyrell Robinson, S/LB, San Diego Lincoln. He's slightly shorter than his brother, maybe 6-2ish, but thicker, probably weighing about 200. His body, too, could easily put on good weight over the next six years of college and we've always thought he'd project well as a linebacker, and that's where he worked this weekend, when he wasn't sitting out. He looked good in pass rush, but you'd expect it since he was going up against OLs.

Chauntez Jackson, DE, Inglewood (Calif.). Probably the most ultimately frustrating player at the camp. Jackson, physically, is imposing, at a well-built 6-3 and 235, and he runs particularly well for that size. He lined up as a receiver/tight end at times, and was very quick for his size coming off the line and out in the route, but he just didn't catch the ball very well. At DE, he did pretty well at the 1-on-1s, but didn't blow you away as much as you think he should for how he looks.

Mossi Johnson, WR, Los Angeles Crenshaw. At about 6-1 and 185, and long, Johnson is great physically. He also looked very good catching the ball, particularly in traffic. Given the lack of elite talent at WR for 2013 in the west, he's definitely someone the Pac-12 should be considering, even though we've heard he has academic issues.

Tere Calloway, CB, Seattle (Wash.) Prep. Calloway is about 5-10 and probably 180, and a fairly stocky frame. Ideally for a corner prospect going into his senior year of high school you'd like him longer and lankier. He also was pretty spotty in his coverage. He visited UCLA the day before B2G.

A.J. Richardson, WR, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne. A big kid at about 6-1 and 190, looking more like a college safety than a high school wide receiver going into his senior year. Richardson isn't a burner, but with the body and good hands is a very good possession receiver. He was limited by injury here, but it's easy to expect him to have a huge season catching Troy Williams' passes this fall.

Nico Falah, OL, Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco. The elite OL prospect didn't participate due to nicks, but we do have an interview with him coming soon.

Dorion Barnett, WR, Corona (Calif.) Santiago. Another big receiver, at least 6-2 and 200, Barnett was good catching in traffic.

Jermaine Ervin, CB, Bakersfield. The west is pretty deep for corners in 2012 and UCLA probably wouldn't get to Ervin, but he looked good in coverage at the B2G, with good change-of-direction and instincts.

Keishawn Bierria, LB, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne. UCLA already has three commitments from linebackers and has more interest from elite prospects, but Bierria is a guy who should still be on their list. Physically he's very good, at about 6-1 and 220, and he showed very good instincts and closing ability. He won LB MVP of the camp.

Ryan Wolpin, RB, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita. He's about 5-9 and stocky, and probably won't get anything close to a Pac-12 offer, but he'd be someone UCLA should consider as a walk-on. First, he goes to a school you'd like to have another connection with, and secondly because he's an impressive kid. He was very good in the drills, gave 100% and out-worked all the other running back prospects. While they were sucking air he was in full stride. He's definitely someone who, at a college practice, would make your running back drills better. And again, he's not a slouch, catching the ball out of the backfield very well and showing good feet and quickness.


Brandon Dawkins, QB, Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian, 2014 -- About 6-4, he's great-looking physically, especially going into his high school junior year. He has a long wind-up, but throws a nice, catchable ball and very accurate.

Darrell Cloy, TE, Santa Fe Springs (Calif.) St. Paul, 2014 -- About 6-3 and 220 he's impressive-looking. He runs well and likes to catch in traffic, but has some issues hanging onto the ball. If he can improve that he has a chance.

D. J. Riggins, RB, Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian, 2014 -- Riggins has a chance, with a good body at about 5-11 and 185-ish. He wasn't at the camp much so we didn't get to watch a lot of him, but what we saw we liked. He is particularly shifty, with joystick-type of moves. It won't hurt that Riggins is the cousin of UCLA freshman Ishmael Adams.

Marquis Ware, LB/TE, Los Angeles Salesian. He's about 6-2 and 205, and he just recently picked up a UCLA offer, which is a little mystifying given how he looked this last weekend. He doesn't have a great body, a bit soft, and lacked athleticism. He worked with the linebackers and didn't look like he belonged. Perhaps there's something more to see on game film.

Trent Irwin, WR, Newhall (Calif. Hart, 2015 -- 6-1 and already looks pretty old, Irwin isn't exactly fluid, but he finds space and catches everything.

Brady White, QB, Newhall (Calif.) Hart, 2015 -- About 6-0 right now, but has all the makings of being an elite prospect. Throws an accurate ball, and can read defenses well already. Advanced in how he carries himself.

A note: There were other prospects at the camp, like three players committed to Arizona, but we didn't include them here since they're not UCLA recruits. The best prospect overall was a wide receiver from Illinois, Laquon Treadwell, who is involved with the likes of Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, USC and others. One of the best underclassmen was, also, from Illinois --receiver Jauan Wesley.

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