Davison Looking for UCLA Offer

Encino Crespi athlete Ray Davision is up to eight scholarship offers and is looking for more, specifically one from UCLA...

Encino (Calif.) Crespi OLB/DE Ray Davison has impressed on the camp circuit this offseason, and has seen his recruitment heat up.

At 6-3, 215 pounds, he plays defensive end in high school (50 tackles, 8 sacks) but has the potential to play defensive end or outside linebacker in college.

"I am more comfortable at defensive end right now because that is what I have been playing," Davison said. "But I can play outside linebacker and it's not a problem for me. I think I am pretty quick."

Davison continues to add scholarship offers and is now up to eight: Iowa State, Boise State, San Diego State, Navy, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado State and Boston College.

"I like the Pac-12 a lot but I am keeping my options open," Davison said. "I really would like offers from UCLA or Stanford, some of those high academic schools.

"I am really an academic guy and I want to do something with business. I'm looking for a really good academic school and a great football program."

The Crespi standout has spent a good deal of time on the UCLA campus in recent weeks, attending both the UCLA Lineman Camp and UCLA Elite Camp.

"I really grabbed their attention at the Lineman Camp," said Davison. "I'm smaller than most defensive ends but I won every single one of my one-on-ones against their top linemen."

At the Elite Camp, Davison showcased his skills as a linebacker.

"There were a lot of linebackers so you kind of had to fight for your reps and show how much you wanted it," Davison said. "I wanted to show UCLA that I had the ability to play at the next level.

"The coaches were really intense. I liked the linebacker coach. I learned a lot from him just in that one day. He's a likeable guy and he knows a lot."

Davison plans to attend camp at Stanford in July.

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