Sunday Practice Report

The second day in San Bernardino was hotter, which brought more dehydration issues. A quarterback clearly stands out, and three OLs vie for a starting spot...

It was much hotter for today's practice than yesterday's, but the tempo of practice was arguably better today than it was yesterday.

During warmups, Coach Mora walked through the team imploring them to fight through the heat, and it seemed like they responded fairly well.

The team did some legitimate special teams work today, and it looks like the punt return depth chart is about the same as it was in the spring, with Jordon James taking the first reps, and then a crew of Steven Manfro, Shaquelle Evans, and Devin Lucien taking a few each themselves. Fabian Moreau also took a rep, and managed to catch the punt after taking a roundabout path to it.

Jeff Locke showed some good leg, booming several punts during the period. The backup punter is walkon Justin Moreno, who is primarily a place kicker. He had a few decent looking punts, but also shanked a couple.

Ka'imi Fairbairn has not kicked yet, although UCLA did bring the slanted goalpost all the way from Spaulding Field.

The heat did take its toll due to some hydration issues. As Mora acknowledges in the post-practice interview, both Brandon Willis and Joe Fauria went down with minor heat-related issues (Fauria was light headed, and Willis was dehydrated). Sam Tai went down on the final play of practice, and it didn't look particularly good.

The entire coaching staff seems to have doubled down on the idea of "finishing" every play, with several players being admonished for not taking the ball all the way to the end zone.

Greg Capella, Simon Goines, and Carl Hulick all worked in with the first string offensive line at various points. Goines had a bit of a rough day, being bowled over by Jordan Zumwalt a couple of times. It looks like right now he just plays a bit too high, which puts him off balance.

Coach Mora spent most of his time with the offense today, especially during the individual drill portion of practice.

Cassius Marsh sat out practice after cramping up yesterday, and in his stead, Owamagbe Odighizuwa worked with the 1's, alongside Willis (and then Seali'i Epenesa) and Datone Jones. Eric Kendricks also sat out practice after cramping, which allowed Aaron Porter to get some time with the 1's.

Brett Hundley looked like the best of the quarterbacks today, and displayed some really nice touch during the 7 on 7's, hitting Javon Williams and Jerry Rice Jr. perfectly in stride on two consecutive touchdown passes. Williams had a particularly nice day, using his height to snare a couple of fingertip grabs. He's extremely skinny, but he seemed to have a special connection with Hundley, given their history together.

Hundley did have one pretty poor throw, overthrowing Jordan Payton for an easy centerfield-type pick for Andrew Abbott.

It was a very physical practice for the second day in shorts. There were a number of scuffles between players, as Mora addressed after practice, although none of them looked particularly serious.

Kevin Prince was, again, probably the second best among the quarterbacks, but it was a fairly steep dropoff after Hundley. Richard Brehaut again had a fairly poor practice, not throwing with tremendous accuracy or velocity. He threw one very poor interception on a high fluttering ball to the sideline that Randall Goforth picked off.

Paul Perkins has run very well thus far in camp. After a couple of fumbles on handoffs yesterday, he was much smoother today, and he looked very good running and cutting. He and Johnathan Franklin took turns at one point reeling off big gains. Shaquelle Evans ran some very crisp routes, running one curl so smoothly that Sheldon Price flew past him about ten yards. Darius Bell also had a nice practice, picking up more or less where he left off in the spring, catching nearly everything thrown his way.

After not getting any 11 on 11 reps yesterday, Hundley took a good chunk today. He and Jordan Payton hooked up on a couple of grabs. Payton, physically, looks ready to play, and he has pretty good hands.

The crowd was not quite as big today as it was yesterday, which could have been due to the heat.

Rick Neuheisel attended practice today.

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