Sunday Practice Report

It's a scorcher, but the team seems like they're acclimating. Brett Hundley has another not-so-good day, a couple of offensive players continue to stand out and more...

Sunday was perhaps the hottest practice yet, with reports of the temperature topping out at 109 degrees.

You would have thought that it'd be a day when the most players would go down with heat-related issues, being in full pads, but the team got through it relatively unfazed.

Having fall camp in San Bernardino in 100+ temperatures has been challenging in terms of keeping players on the field. There have been a total of 19 players that have missed some of practice due to heat-related issues, and that's not counting some of those players with multiple incidents. Twelve of those have been offensive or defensive linemen.

It seems, though, that the team and the training staff have become far more acclimated, and familiar with how to manage the heat, and Sunday only a couple of players left the field.

Here are the players and their conditions.

Not on the Field:

OL Jeff Baca – concussion
OL Greg Capella – heat
OL Michael Padovese – concussion or heat
OL Simon Goines – heat
OL Alberto Cid – heat
LB Patrick Larimore – concussion
OL Alexandru Ceachir – heat

On the field, but not practicing:

LB Eric Kendricks – taking a few days off
RB Jordon James, ankle
WR Jerry Rice, ankle

Returning to practice today:

OL Tre Hale, but limited practice
WR Javon Williams
LB Jordan Zumwalt, but then left field quickly
DT Brandon Tuliaupupu, but limited practice
OL Colby Cyburt, but limited practice
DL Ellis McCarthy – light practice, acclimitization process
OL Torian White practiced fully

Went down today:

CB Marcus Rios – quad
TE Ian Taubler – exhaustion

Coach Jim Mora talked about some of the injured in the post-practice video interview.

It's the second day since Brett Hundley was named the starter and, while today's performance wasn't as poor as yesterday's, it still wasn't good. He was inaccurate for a great deal of the day, or off in his timing, and appeared to be generally fatigued in throwing the ball. He is getting an increased amount of reps since being named the starter.

In one-on-ones, Hundley threw in three different intervals, and went 4 for 11. In the 11-on-11s and 7-on-7s, he wasn't any better.

It was pretty easy to see that Richard Brehaut was getting second-string snaps today, since Kevin Prince didn't take any 7-on-7 or 11-on-11 series. Brehaut did fairly well for most of practice, throwing nice, catchable balls, and looking good like he usually does throwing deep. He did trip up toward the end of practice when he threw a wobbler that should have been picked off by Ishmael Adams.

Jerry Neuheisel had a solid day and, in fact, probably did the best in the 1-on-1s.

T.J. Millweard, even though he had limited reps, had probably one of his best practices, throwing an improved ball that comes off his hand better and more accurately. He almost made it through the entire practice without throwing a floater, but snuck one in at the end.

There were probably two offensive stars of Sunday's practice: Joe Fauria who, after falling down on consecutive routes and looking fatigued, when on a roll through various periods catching just about everything thrown to him; and Damien Thigpen, who busted a couple of big runs, slicing his way explosively through the secondary. One was good for a 60-yard touchdown. Thigpen did drop a couple of passes toward the end of practice but he still had a very good day.

Senior running back Johnathan Franklin didn't get a great deal of reps, the coaches clearly trying to get a look at some of the younger players, but when he did touch the ball he was explosive.

Freshman receiver Kenny Walker looked good, making a nice one-handed, off-balance catch. Jerry Johnson made a great catch on a deep fade.

Walker and freshman running back Paul Perkins continue to get a good amount of reps and are looking more and more like they'll have a good chance of being in the rotation for the season.

The starters on the OL were, from left to right, Xavier Su'a-Filo, Ben Wysocki, Jacob Brendel, Brett Downey and Torian White.

In the last few periods of practice, the offense drove the field, and it did seem like it was a bit offense-slanted, with yardage and first downs given out a bit liberally. On a goal-line dive, the offensive coaches actually ran onto the field and helped push the pile across the endzone. Hundley engineered a couple of those enhance drives.

On defense there were quite a few standouts.

-- Adams had that near pick and a couple more good break-ups.

-- Andrew Abbott had a tackle for loss on Malcolm Jones.

-- Safety Stan McKay put a lick on receiver Jordan Payton when he turned up field.

-- Defensive end Datone Jones had a couple of virtual sacks, and you could hear DL coach Angus McClure across the field bellow: "Good job, Datone!"

-- Defensive end Iuta Tepa was getting penetration and had a sack.

-- Aaron Hester had a couple of nice break-ups and then returned a Neuheisel throw for a pick-six.

-- Freshman cornerback Randall Goforth had a few break-ups, and had one nice blow-up of a swing pass where he played off the block of the receiver.

Practice ended with some field goal kicking. It's clear now that true freshman kicker Kaimi Fairbairn has settled down, because he's looking very good. He hit from 22, 30, 40, 48, missed first from 55, and then made a 55. JC walkon Justin Moreno made kicks from 22 and 30, missed from 40 and 48, and had one 55-yard attempt blocked by Tevin McDonald and missed the other.

One of the best comments from a coach ever came from wide receiver coach Eric Yarber today: "Don't tell me about the pain, just show me the baby."

Redlands running back Craig Lee was at practice.

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