JC O-Lineman Joins the Team

Jacob Seydel, the offensive line prospect from Riverside College, joined UCLA's football team today...

Jacob Seydel, the 6-5, 285-pound offensive line prospect from Riverside (Calif.) College, is admitted and enrolled at UCLA.

"I'm at UCLA, got accepted, moved into the dorms, right now I'm getting settled, and I'll be at practice tomorrow," Seydel said.

It was definitely a whirlwind recruitment for Seydel.

"It happened fast, this week actually," he said. "I think they contacted me Tuesday. They had been looking at my tape from last spring and I guess they need linemen. They looked at my tape, were impressed and then realized I was already a qualifier and said, 'We need you out here.'"

Seydel said it happened so fast it was pretty shocking for him: "I didn't even think it'd happen this season. I was preparing for it to happen after the season. I just didn't know it'd happen this quick. It worked out great for me. I'm pretty excited. It's a great opportunity. I can't wait to get started."

Seydel visited UCLA's practice in San Bernardino a couple of times and he said that will probably help him make the transition to being on the team. "I don't really know anyone," Seydel said. "I kind of know Ryan Hoffmeister, since he was at Riverside before me. But when I was in San Bernardino I talked to a few of the guys and got acquainted."

Has Offensive Line Coach Adrian Klemm told him what he expects of him?

"Coach Klemm said he wants me to come in and compete right away for playing time. I'll do whatever it takes to help the team. I don't care what position I play."

Seydel is an interesting situation, a prospect who didn't have any D-1 scholarship offers out of Riverside Arlington High School but he was a good student and fully qualified.

"Coming out of high school, I weighed about 230, maybe 240 max, and no one was really giving me much attention,' Seydel told JCFootball.com recently. "I had a few D-2 offers, but my coaches advised me to go to a JC program so I could get stronger, add some size and just develop a little more. Riverside was a great program and I felt like I could do what I needed to do here and get looks from bigger schools if I did well."

Since last season, Seydel has definitely done what his advisors told him. "I've put on about 50 lbs. in the off-season," Seydel said. "That's the main thing I've been working on. I've been eating a lot and working really hard in the weight room. I played basketball in high school, so not running as much has helped me, too. I'd like to get up to 300-305 lbs."

Last season, for the Riverside Tigers, he started three games into the season at right tackle and starting drawing attention. Scott Eklund of JCFootball.com called Seydel one of the best JC offensive line prospects in California for this upcoming season.

Seydel has developed to the point where some programs have noticed, getting scholarship offers from New Mexico State, Nevada and Florida International. Colorado and Purdue had also shown interest.

UCLA had been in contact with Seydel, recruiting him for 2013. He then visited UCLA's practice in San Bernardino, and with scholarship room in the program for the upcoming season and Seydel being fully qualified it made sense for UCLA to offer Seydel for the 2012 season.

When asked about his ability, Seydel said: "I have to say that I have quick feet and I have the technique down. I really get into it; it's really fun to me to get into someone and block them until the whistle is blown and just say that I dominated them. I've been working on my pass sets, because at the high school I went to, we ran the ball pretty much every play, so I've been working on my technique with that right now. I'm never satisfied with my technique; I keep trying to work on it." Seydel will have four years to play three at UCLA.

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