Sunday Morning Practice Report

Brett Hundley looks much better Sunday Morning, Richard Brehaut looks pretty rough, and the defense has a nice day intercepting the ball...

Sunday's morning practice started off with a couple of minor hitches. Twice, stretching had to be restarted because players were going through the warm ups incorrectly. After that, though, practice was pretty crisp, and the tempo was good in the morning heat.

Brett Hundley bounced back from yesterday pretty well, and was the best quarterback on the field. During 11 on 11 situational drills, Hundley hit several nice passes, including several under pressure where he had to throw on the move. On one, he was under pressure by Anthony Barr, rolled all the way to his right, and hit Steven Manfro in the end zone for a 30 yard touchdown.

Richard Brehaut had arguably his worst day of camp, throwing three interceptions that were all pretty poor throws. Each of the interceptions probably would have gone for touchdowns in a game. Aaron Porter, Randall Goforth, and Fabian Moreau all got picks off of Brehaut.

Hundley was intercepted once, on a Hail Mary in the endzone. The ball tipped off of Joseph Fauria and ended up in the arms of Eric Kendricks. With the clock expiring, Lou Spanos screamed at Kendricks repeatedly to get down.

The value of having Andrew Abbott back, after he sat out most of the spring, isn't just with his play. During practice, you could hear him constantly coaching up the defense on down and distance. During the aforementioned drill, with the offense on the 50 with 7 seconds on the game clock, Abbott was loudly telling the secondary to keep everything in front of them.

Steven Manfro continues to excel after leaving the apparent kryptonite of San Bernardino. He caught the one touchdown from Hundley, but also caught a couple of swing passes for long gains. He, Damien Thigpen, and Jordon James all took reps as the kickoff returner, and it's pretty clear that they're going to add an element to kick and punt returns that hasn't been seen in several years. Josh Smith was a good straight ahead runner, but wasn't particularly shifty, and Taylor Embree was neither fast nor shifty.

The starting offensive line was the same as it has been. Newcomer Jacob Seydel took reps with the second team at left guard at one point, but it was hard to take too much from that since the team wasn't in pads. Seydel can work in shells the next two practices, and then after that he should be able to practice in full pads.

Stan McKay was sick and sat out practice. The three offensive linemen, Jeff Baca, Greg Capella, and Albert Cid, all remained out of practice, although Coach Mora indicated that Capella is making progress. Ryan Hofmeister worked on the sideline, along with Michael Padovese. Aaron Hester made his way back to practice after suffering through the flu. Keenan Graham has changed his number to 40 because he'll be getting work at fullback on offense and he needed an eligible number. Walkon Willie Green, who was 40, has changed to 41.

In other important, breaking news, Nate Iese will be changing his number from 89 to 15. And in case you were worried, walkon wide receiver has changed his number from 43 to 19.

Cassius Marsh has started to make a pretty big impact in recent days. Today, he had two consecutive sacks on Hundley during 11 on 11, railroading Carl Hulick both times. Hulick has looked a little lost at times, and doesn't look like he'll compete for playing time this year.

Ricky Marvray had a nice catch during Kevin Prince's period of 11 on 11, stretching up for a high throw.

Prince actually ran a few routes with the receivers today, but he said after that he was just goofing around. He caught both of the balls thrown his way.

Former UCLA players Patrick Cowan and Chris Joseph attended practice. Joseph looks like he's lost about 100 pounds since his playing days.

We learned that former wide receiver Randall Carroll has made his way to New Mexico State, and former defensive coordinator Dewayne Walker.

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