Tuesday Morning Practice Report

The starts to install the game plan for Rice, Jordon James makes a couple of nice runs, and Brett Hundley has another relatively tough day...

Today was the first day of installation for Rice, with UCLA spending a bit of time running plays for the Owls. As such, the Bruins spent most of the practice in 11 on 11, doing situational work.

Brett Hundley again had a pretty rough day. He was able to hit some short passes, but largely, his deep stuff was off the mark. Some of that had to do with the pass rush, and some probably has to do with a tired arm. He threw into double coverage a couple of times during 11 on 11, with a safety over the top, and both times he was nearly picked off.

Kevin Prince threw a couple of interceptions during his period of 11 on 11, both to Randall Goforth. He's been looking OK throwing shorter passes, but few balls he's thrown over 10 yards in the last week or two have had anything on them. His first interception to Goforth would have landed a good 10 or 15 yards short of where it needed to be.

Brandon Sermons was sick and sat out practice, but otherwise the injured remained much the same, with the three offensive linemen all remaining out with bucket hats on. After hurting his finger yesterday, Nate Iese was back out on the field, looking none the worse for wear. He had a nice sack where he beat Simon Goines to get to Richard Brehaut during team drills.

Along the offensive line, the starters remained the same, but Alexandru Ceachir worked in for Ben Wysocki at times, and Simon Goines spelled Torian White. Goines looked better today than he has, and looks like he's starting to develop a pretty good punch in pass coverage.

With the two a day, Jacob Seydel sat out the morning practice so he can practice this evening, as he is still going through the acclimatization process.

Fabian Moreau is quickly becoming more comfortable at cornerback. He'd probably still get called for pass interference somewhat frequently in a game, but it's impressive how quickly he's picked up the defense after barely playing defense in high school.

Anthony Jefferson had a nice breakup, playing up near the line of scrimmage in coverage. It's been pretty apparent since spring that he does his best when he can play up on guys and body them up.

At linebacker, Dalton Hilliard once again worked with the 1's inside, alongside Eric Kendricks, Anthony Barr, and Jordan Zumwalt. Brandon Willis once again got work at defensive end. After practice, he told us that he lost about 15 pounds since spring, and is right around 270 now. The coaches approached him about playing defensive end midway through San Bernardino because, as he put it, he lost about 10 pounds sweating out there.

Jordon James looked good today running between the tackles. He hit what would have been a couple of touchdowns from about 15 yards out. Steven Manfro again had a couple of impressive catches, including a deep crossing route where he nearly outran Goforth, who was playing pretty deep, before getting pushed out of bounds.

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