A Few Stand Out for Maka

FOX Sports NEXT caught up with Tustin (Calif.) offensive lineman David Maka to talk schools of interest, the upcoming season, and more...

This year, Tustin (Calif.) offensive lineman David Maka is playing as if he has a target on his back.

It makes sense, after all. Last season, Maka helped the Tillers capture the CIF title and he knows that other teams are out to end their second run at the championship.

"It adds a lot of pressure. Other teams dislike us for it; they want to take our game down, but we're not going to let that happen," he laughed.

The 6'4", 350 lb. lineman, who plays on both sides of the ball, also did enough on the field last season to pick up a group of offers, including UCLA, Utah, Utah State, UTEP, Colorado State, and San Diego State.

Though he plays a variety of positions on the line, Maka projects himself to play offensive tackle at the next level.

"I can run block pretty well, and I have good strength. I'm trying to drop a few pounds if I end up on offense, but if I play on defense, I'll stay where I am," he said.

The talented prospect hasn't had a chance to explore Westwood quite yet, but is showing interest in the Bruins' program.

"UCLA is really standing out. I like their education; if football doesn't go far for me, I'll still have that top degree. They want me at offensive tackle. I've been talking with the offensive line coach, Adrian Klemm," he said.

Another Pac-12 program also has Maka's attention.

"We're planning a visit to Washington; that's the school that stands out to me the most, but they haven't offered yet. They are a great team and work together well. There are a lot of Polynesians on the team, and I'd feel very comfortable up there. My cousin, Siosifa Tufunga, is an offensive lineman there," he said.

Aside from that visit, Maka's sights are set on the season opener, only a few short days away.

"I've been focused on the team, bringing everyone together. After coming back from winning CIF, we're just showing the younger guys that it's important to work hard every day. If we do that, we can make another run for the title and maybe pick up another ring.

"I'm pretty excited to show everyone what we've got. We lost most of our linemen last year, so I'm ready to show we can still play," he said.

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