OSU Commit Says UCLA Dream School

FOX Sports NEXT caught up with Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) receiver Jermel Walker to discuss the status of his commitment to Oregon State, official visits, the upcoming season, his "dream school," and more...

Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) receiver Jermel Walker is ready for Friday's season opener versus Redlands (Calif.).

The 6'1", 175 lb. prospect had a busy summer, attending camps and constantly improving his game in preparation for his senior season.

"Practices have been going really well. I've been working on executing my routes even better, more blocking schemes, and trying to get ahead on the defense," he said.

Walker, who names his speed, hands, and ability to get open as some of his greatest strengths on the field, recently committed to Oregon State. Though Walker plans to take a few other official visits, he says his "mindset is that it's the Beavers."

"It's just a family. I've talked with [head coach] Mike Riley, and he's let me know it's more than just a football team; it's a family. I cherish family and going up there, I'll have a second family," he said.

Because the program will lose a few key senior receivers after the season, Walker is ready to come in and compete for early playing time.

"I'm just going to have to go out there and show the coaches my skill set. Just ball out and show them why they recruited me in the first place, that I can be a true freshman who can play. I'm a fast, explosive receiver, like a slot receiver type. I can give a mismatch to the linebackers," he said.

Walker will take his official visit to Corvalis in October after he takes the SAT.

The prospect also plans to take visits to Minnesota, Houston, and Utah, all programs from which he currently holds an offer.

"I really like the Minnesota coaches and what they've been doing for the program. I know they aren't considered a top program, but in my opinion, I think it's a really good school. I've been talking with [defensive backs and special teams coach] Jay Sawvel, and he seems like a very good coach who wants to win and gets things done.

"Houston has a really great offense; I really like that they run the spread. That's the offense I really want to play in.

"I've talked to [cornerbacks coach] Sharrieff Shah at Utah, and he's said Utah is also like a family. He was the first coach to recruit me," he said.

Walker does believe that he wants to play college ball in the Pac-12, and there is another program in the conference of which he grew up a fan.

"I'm hearing from UCLA, as well. That's my dream school; if I could go there, that would be great. It's a great football program, and I could get a great education there. That's the key; getting a good education," he said.

The prospect has been talking with his recruiter, defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin, and says though he knows he's not a typical recruit for UCLA, he could bring something new to the team.

"They don't really recruit receivers my size, but I think I could show them what a small receiver like me could do. I can get open, make some plays on offense," he said.

Right now, however, Walker is set on Oregon State.

"I think Corvalis is where it's at," he said.

He's also focusing on the season kickoff and ensuring his teammates are ready, as he's one of the Cougars' leaders.

"I show leadership by having my whole offensive line ready to play. Every play, every down, just ready to play. I try to contribute to winning on the offensive side, telling players what we should be doing. Our team is looking good. We've been working hard in practice and are ready to play," he said.

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