A Battle of Two Schools

The standout tight end/defensive end from Westlake, <b>Jimmy Miller</b>, has the offers he was looking for, and will pick between two schools fairly soon...

Jimmy Miller, 6-5, 235, Westlake Village (Calif.) Westlake, now has offers from the entire Pac-10, with UCLA just offering him a week ago.

"UCLA coach (Gary) Bernardi called my high school coach," Miller said. "And he gave me the message. I called him back, then, and he told me he wanted me to come to UCLA. And then I got the offer in the mail a couple of days later."

So, Miller said even though he's been offered by the entire Pac-10, as well as Northwestern, Colorado and San Diego State, it's going to be an L.A. battle for him.

"It's really either UCLA or USC," Miller said. "I like both because they're close. My family wants me to stay close. The only other school I think I'd consider would be Notre Dame, but they haven't offered."

When asked if he was leaning to either L.A. school over the other, Miller said: "Actually, it's dead even. I grew up probably more of a UCLA fan. Right now, though, it's tougher to judge UCLA because it's a new coaching staff. I really like (head) coach (Karl) Dorrell, and coach Bernardi. With USC, they have the tradition, and they're a program on the rise. I was probably leaning to USC for a while, but not now. It really is dead even."

Miller described the process he foresees before making his decision. "I'll probably go to each school a couple of times, talk to my parents and coaches, and then do what I feel is right. It will probably be during the early part of my season, before any official visits. I'll probably only officially visit the school that I choose."

Miller, who is a standout on both sides of the ball at defensive end and tight end, said that both UCLA and USC haven't projected what position he'll play in college. "Both schools said I could play either side of the ball," he said. "I probably prefer defensive end, but wouldn't mind playing tight end."

Miller is a good student, with a 3.2 GPA and an 1180 SAT.

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