Su'a Filo on Practice This Week

Xavier Su'a-Filo discusses what he expects from practice this week in preparation for Colorado, how the team will recover from the loss, and more...

Immediately after the Bruins' loss to Oregon State, UCLA offensive lineman Xavier Su'a-Filo was prepared give credit where credit was due.

"Exactly what they ran on film, that's what they did against us. We were very physical, but they just came ready to play. They weren't trying to scheme us, they were just trying to play their game and they prepared very well. Hats off to the defensive line of Oregon State. They came hard and they played well.

"I just think we need to come off harder, be more physical, and execute. I think we saw hints of execution, but again, hats off to the front seven, they came ready to play," he said.

Win or lose, the team abides by the twenty-four hour rule, and Su'a-Filo said that team preparation for Colorado would begin on Monday morning.

"It starts on Monday when we watch the film. On Tuesday, we have to have a solid practice. We can't have bad practices at all; we have to be consistent. Some days we have great practices, some days we have not so great practices so we just have to put it all together and get us ready for Saturday," he said.

He also stated that that though the offensive line is young, it's "no excuse" for lack of preparation on the field.

"Everything we are coached on on the offensive line, technique and just little things, are things I need to do better on. We need to improve every single day; we're a young bunch, but that's no excuse. We are coached well, and we just need to learn and pick things up fast," he said.

As a captain, he's also ready to head into practice as a leader.

"We will see how people respond; there is a lot of frustration, and I think, as a team, we're not blaming anybody but ourselves. We are in this together; we did this together, and I think that mindset has been excellent. As captains, we need to continue to lead by example; just be a little more sharp, tune things up this week because we can't afford any letdowns during practice," he said.

Despite the loss, Su'a-Filo feels confident that the Bruins will bounce back stronger than ever while also showing maturity as a team.

"Unfortunately, we didn't win, and it doesn't feel good, ever, but I think it's important that we mature as a team. That will really show, demonstrate, what kind of team we are, how we answer back on Monday with film and Tuesday with practice leading all the way up to Saturday, to our next game.

"We realize how this feels and the importance of us responding to this, and there is no doubt in my mind that we will do what we need to do," he said.

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