Herring Having Busy Summer

One of the best overall football prospects in the west, Los Angeles Fremont lineman <b>Thomas Herring</b>, has been busy this summer with his recruiting and being on ESPN. He's narrowed his list...somewhat...

Lineman prospect Thomas Herring, 6-6, 285, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont, has offers in the double digits to date, but has whittled his list down to seven.

"Seven is my number, so I have a top seven schools," said Herring.

He currently has a top seven of UCLA, USC, Miami, Notre Dame, Michigan, LSU and Florida State, which is nearly the same the last time we spoke with him, with only LSU switched in for Oklahoma. All eight of the above have offered, along with Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Cal and Oregon State.

"Miami was my childhood favorite," Herring said. "They are talking to me to play on offense, tight end or tackle. In fact, they are really the only school in my top seven who want me on offense. Everyone else is recruiting me for defense."

Herring came to UCLA for its Junior Day, and the campus was much different then the last time he was there. "I went there like four years ago, and it was very different this time. I really like the facilities they have there. It's a real nice campus."

Herring has been hearing from UCLA assistant coach Jon Embree as well as Head Coach Karl Dorrell. And he has high praise for both of them. "Coach Embree talks to me a lot. I like him. And Coach Dorrell is real serious and focused."

While he hasn't been to any camps this summer, he has been keeping a high profile overall. Herring recently was featured on ESPN's "Outside The Lines," along with former teammate and incoming UCLA recruit Milvon James. "I haven't gotten a chance to see the show yet, but they came and interviewed us on why there are so few African-American's on our campus playing baseball. I hope to be on ESPN more though," said Herring with a laugh.

Herring, though, said he's been anticipating the notoriety for a while, and has watched his older teammates go through the recruiting experience and it's helped him. With so many top schools after him, he has braced himself for a busy fall. "When I was younger, this was a dream for me. As I got older, it became a goal. But it's way crazier than I ever thought it would be. It's crazier than Mark (Bradford, Stanford recruit) and Milvon told me it was. But it's cool."

Herring has no time table for making his choice, saying he wants to take his trips to see the non-L.A, schools on his list."My mom is encouraging me to go away for school, check out something different, and get out of L.A. I have no problem leaving either."

Herring said he has a 3.2 GPA and just recently received a qualifying score on the SAT.

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