Hollins Gets in "Jet Mode"

FOX Sports NEXT is in the streets this fall to bring you all the coverage from across the Midlands region. Recently, we caught up with Marshall outside linebacker Deon Hollins Jr. from Missouri City, Texas. We broke down a few key moments in the performance of the UCLA commit in his team's win and got a few of his thoughts as well...

Sometimes you have to just let players ball out.

And this is exactly what coach James Williams did in the game against Stratford this past Thursday, a game in which the Missouri City (TX) Marshall won 42-31. As soon as Marshall took lead late in the fourth quarter, it was said that Williams told both of his defensive ends to get into ‘jet mode' and bring the heat on the opposing quarterback.

And for four-star outside linebacker/defensive end Deon Hollins, that was all he needed to hear.

"We were told to not worry about the run. We knew they (Stratford) had to pass so coach told us to get into jet mode," Hollins said. "It pretty much means we come off the edge hard and rush the quarterback."

For the 6-foot-2, 222-pound Hollins, that is his forte, the skill that he is most known for (as a junior last year he recorded 15 sacks). In this game, he was able to get plenty of pressure, but didn't get to the quarterback as much as he would have liked. He did log somewhere around seven tackles on the night and one highly impressive sack.

On the play, Hollins was slanted inside and lined up on the outside shade of the tackle. He got a great first step and the tackle was able to make contact. There was help coming from the running back out of the backfield. But instinctively, the UCLA commit shot through a small opening between where the tackle forced him to, but before the back could get in position to get a hand on him.

"I came off hard and just took a chance. I was going to continue rushing outside, but I cut in and was able to get the sack," Hollins said. "I was getting double-teamed all night so I found an opportunity to get in and make the play."

Some of time, Hollins was able to match against another future Pac-12 player in offensive lineman Christian Daimler, who chose Arizona State earlier this season. There were a few good battles when they did occur. 

From our end, it was probably a draw between the two.

"He's (Daimler) a good player. You can tell that he is well coached," Hollins said. "He's a long guy who moves well. He is able to stay low even though he is so tall."

With his skill set, there's no wonder that a number of programs are looking for him to be on the roster for next season. For now, he is still a committed member of the Bruins' recruiting class, but he said that the family is actively looking into where he will make some official visits. 

No plans were solidified, but Hollins did mention that a couple of programs, Notre Dame and Ohio State, were up for consideration.

Ahmard Vital is responsible for Midlands Recruiting, mainly covering prospects in the state of Texas. He joined Scout.com in 2005 and is the author of the newly released book, Awaken the Baller Within.
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