Williams and UCLA Part Ways

Receiver Javon Williams was deemed ineligible by the NCAA after fall camp and now says he won't return to UCLA...

It was Signing Day 2012, when Chandler (Ariz.) wide receiver Javon Williams picked up a Bruins hat on FOX Sports Arizona and announced that he was headed to Westwood over a lengthy list of scholarship offers, featuring schools such as Arkansas and Oklahoma State.

"I just really felt like I could get real close with the staff [at UCLA]," he told FOX Sports NEXT in February. "They all seem genuine."

Fast forward a number of months. The one-time Bruin is now back at home in Chandler, Arizona, planning to take his football career in another direction.

"Well, basically, the NCAA didn't accept some classes that I took," Williams explains. "I took classes through Eaton, and they didn't deem those classes legitimate. It was like my whole sophomore year and the last quarter of my freshman year."

According to its website, William K. Eaton is a private school located in Mesa, Arizona. It is an alternative, all-male school that serves 41 students in grades 8-12 and is nonsectarian in orientation.

Williams was aware that there would be eligibility issues going into UCLA, or any college, and had to get a waiver from the NCAA to participate in UCLA's fall camp.

"I was up there, I took two summer classes, and I was in the mix with everybody," Williams recalls his short-lived experience as a Bruin. "I went to camp, I was second on the depth chart, and I was told that I would be playing in our first game. Then, three days before our first game, they waived everything and said that I didn't qualify.

"The school is nice, the coaches are cool, and the players are cool. I liked the school, but I didn't like the general area I was in; I'm not an L.A. type of person. I was just going to deal with it, but unfortunately, it didn't work out."

Although disappointed, Williams isn't giving up. He has a new agenda and a new goal.

"I'm headed to a J.C. in Iowa," he reveals. "I'll be going to Iowa Western for an Associate in Arts Degree.

"I'm feeling good, I just want to get this over with so I can get to where I need to be."

Although Williams believes that the Pac-12 is still "where he needs to be," the destination is no longer Westwood.

"Going back to UCLA is not what's going to happen," he says. "I hopped on another boat."

According to Williams, this new boat docks in Eugene.

"My goal is to get to Oregon," Williams states.

"I talked to them the other day, and they said they were always interested, but couldn't offer because of exactly what happened. They thought it might happen and they wanted to be on the safe side. They said that if it had been cleared up in the past, they would have offered.

"(Oregon) Coach (Scott) Frost has been talking to my aunt about going to a J.C., and he said, 'we owe you for this guy right here, and pointed to my cousin.'"

The cousin of Ducks senior defensive end, Dion Jordan, Williams could be found wearing green and yellow during his high school days, and even prior to.

"I was a fan even before my cousin committed," he insists. "I was a fan back when Joey Harrington and all of them were there."

Although William's football career hasn't played out quite as expected, the wide receiver is looking ahead and taking the proper steps to get back into a Division-I jersey and fulfill his dream of playing in the Pac-12 conference.

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