Mora's Sunday Teleconference

Jim Mora updates Simon Goines' injury status, talks about the Arizona State game, and evaluates the team's performance on the road this season...

Q: What did you see on the film?

A: There were some good things, and well, then there were some things we need to improve on. It was a good game. It was a good game for us to be in. It was a great game for us to win, and a hard fought game. It had all the elements of a great game in it. We had to come back a couple of times to win and there were some stops at some times. And we overcame some adversity at times. It was just a great learning experience for us.

Q: Did it feel like a bit of hurdle that you guys cleared in the game?

A: No, not for me.

Q: Well, you talked about how you wanted to see them respond to the Cal game?

A: I don't know about hurdled. It just felt like a good win, you know? It was good to see us get in a shootout and win, I guess. You're always trying to find situations to learn from and I think we learned in that game to keep firing, to keep going, to keep working and good things can happen.

Q: As the team grows and develops, are you looking for a kind of "A-ha!" moment like that?

A: No, I don't know. I think you have to be really careful about that. As soon as you think "A-ha! We've got it" you don't have it. So I think it's important that we stay focused and stay grounded, learn what we can learn, but don't overreact to anything, I guess.          

Q: It does give you a reference point though, does it not, for these kinds of situations and road games.

A: Yeah. It does give us that for this year. For this year, yeah, but every year is different. This year, I guess we have one road game left. But the thing it teaches you is that, no matter what the situation is, if you just keep believing, if you just keep fighting, no matter what, you have a chance.

Q: What about for Brett Hundley, how big of a step in his progression is it to direct a last minute drive?

A: One way you evaluate a quarterback is how do they respond to pressure situations. Can he get us back in the 4th quarter or overtime to win games? If you watch any of those kinds of games, they'll throw up stats in the 4th quarter: this guy's had x number of comeback wins in the 4th quarter. So I think it's a measuring stick. Not only do you win, but those last minute ones, because everyone knows that you're going to have to throw it. And you still throw it and you get it done. I think it's important.

Q: What did you think, throwing him out there knowing that it was his first time in that situation?

A: I didn't think about it being his first time. I thought he needed to respond the right way, and he did. I thought we needed to do a good job protecting him which we did. I thought it was important that we run good routes, which we did. I thought it was important that he make good decisions, which he did.

Q: It looked like Jordan Zumwalt might have played outside on a couple of nickel packages. Was that a matchup thing?

A: He did not play any outside linebacker. He played inside linebacker in Okie and he played defensive end in nickel. He did not play any snaps at outside linebacker.

Q: Are there any improvements you'd like to see in terms of in game adjustments on defense?

A: No, no adjustments. We just have to be more detailed in how we do things. Then I think we'll be able to clean things up. But in terms of adjustments, I think we did a good job all game of adjusting. We adjusted a lot of things after that second drive, and continued to adjust throughout. We just have to be a little bit more details in how we do things, and we'll be fine.

Q: What kind of options do you have now at punt return?

A: We haven't even talked about that yet. We'll talk about that tomorrow.

Q: How much do you address the, effective, three way tie for first in the division?

A: I don't. I did a last week, and that was because we needed a win to stay in the hunt. And we won, and so we're still in the hunt. I'm not going to address it again. We have to concentrate on having a good game plan and having good practices for Arizona.

Q: You now have three road wins this year, what has been the key to your success on the road?

A: I've talked about this a lot, but it's just sticking with our routine, whether we're home or away. We essentially have everything mapped out in terms of our time. We do the same things at the same time no matter if we're at home or on the road every single week. And I think that's important. I think it's important to focus on the process and the things that matter in the game and not the environment, and not the location, and not the crowd, and not the weather. But executing, and staying focused, and believing in what you're doing and making plays, and those types of things.

Q: What are the challenges with being the team in the thick of the race now?

A: We're still fighting for respect. We're still fighting to get better. We are really trying to keep the focus narrow, and that's just on every single day doing the best job we can to improve that day so we can have the best possible chance to win on Saturday, and going out on Saturdays and playing well and improving on things that may or may not be noticeable to people who don't watch game film. We make improvements every single week, but every single week, new things pop up that we have to address. That will never change. That's been the case in every game I've coached in my entire career. We try to keep it narrow.

Q: Have any of the players at all talked about USC in the last couple of weeks?

A: No.

Q: Is there any update on Simon Goines?

A: He's going to be fine. All clear.

Q: Did he have to get another MRI?

A: Yeah, and it came back and he's going to be fine.

Q: What do they think it is then?

A: He just aggravated it.

Q: Is it termed a strain or…?

A: No, just aggravated it a little bit, but he's fine. Shouldn't miss any practice. I think he's still trying to learn, like a lot of these kids, when their bodies learn what is pain and what is injury and how to push through it. This is the first time, that I've known of, that he's had any issues with knee, so it can be challenging and it can be a little bit scary. So, he's fine.

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