VIDEO: Hundley on USC Week

Tbe freshman quarterback Brett Hundley talked about his experience, so far, with the UCLA/USC rivalry and playing the Trojans...

Brett Hundley answered questions at this week's press conference.


Q: how much have you learned about USC-UCLA as a rivalry?

BH: it's a big rivalry. It's huge. UCLA-Southern Cal. One of the biggest in the country. It's a fun game.

Q: how has the size of the rivalry been impressed on you?

BH: it's a traditional rivalry. Since I was a little kid. nice to take part in it.

Q: what about how last year's game went? A bad taste in your teammates' mouth?

BH: what happened last year is last year. That game was last year. We're looking toward what's happening this weekend.

Q: did USC recruit you at all?

BH: a little. Not too much. They came down to practice. Checked out a couple of practices. But not too much.

Q: if they had offered, how much would that have changed your decision making process?

BH: probably wouldn't have.

Q: why is that?

BH: USC is a great school. I love them. But I already had my schools picked which I was more interested in.

Q: if [USC] had come earlier?

BH: probably not. I knew the schools I sort of liked to begin with. So when schools came, they felt [like I was already set].

Q: we're talking more about the potential impact of recruiting on this weekend's game. When you were a recruit, would the winner of the game impact your decision?

BH: as a recruit, if you have your mind set 100% on where you want to go, it doesn't. but if they're sort of 50/50, it could play a huge role. Everybody's tendency is to go to the winning school.

Q: everybody wants to take each game the same way. How are you going to be able to do that given that it's USC-UCLA?

BH: I believe there's a lot riding on every game. Every game means something. This game means a lot too. But all the other previous games have built up to make it so that this game means a lot. But like I said, we have to go one practice at a time. When we get to the game, we get to the game. But we're going to prepare like we prepare for any other game.

Q: when did you first start hearing about playing SC? Beating SC?

BH: that starts from the beginning of the year. Everybody talks about Southern Cal. Playing Southern Cal.

Q: did people talk about playing Arizona at the beginning of the year?

BH: No. It goes with the rivalry. It's what everybody talks about.

Q: if you win, you can play for a PAC-12 championship. Do you kind of grasp how important that is for this program even though you're a freshman and you haven't been around?

BH: like I said, it's a big time game. But we have to approach it like any other game. There's stuff that's important in every game. Just because we're playing for the PAC-12 South title. There's stuff going on from the last game. So every game has something riding on it. To build us up to this point.

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