VIDEO: Players after Victory

Jordan Adams talks about his big offensive game, Norman Powell talks about his improved shooting, and Larry Drew talks about the improved defense against James Madison...

Jordan Adams, Norman Powell, and Larry Drew talk after James Madison:


Q: Jordan, are you comfortable? [audio difficulties]

Jordan Adams: yeah, I just got kicked in my calf. But I should be fine.

Q: by another player? A teammate?

Jordan Adams: I don't know who.

Q: on your free throw shooting, I know you take it very seriously, practicing a lot. Since high school but mentally, what is your approach? Especially as the game goes on and you go to the line. What are you trying to keep in your head as you go to the line?

Jordan Adams: I just stay focused on the rim. And use the same technique that I always use. That's all I'm pretty much thinking of.

Q: Larry, you talked about getting out on the breaks a little more than the past couple of games. Coach said it was a lot of what they were doing. But it seemed you were running more than previously.

Larry Drew II: well, that's because … [audio difficulties] we were able to get stops and get rebounds and that led to more transition fast break opportunities for us. Luckily, they were shooting early in the shot clock. That made it easier for us.

Q: Norman, your shot is looking a lot better this year than last year. Is there something technique-wise that you changed?

Norman: yeah, there's more arc in the shot. I've been working on it. And so it's just coming along.

Q: Larry, can you talk about the confidence this gives you guys' team going into Brooklyn against some really good teams?

Larry Drew II: one of the things I'm excited about is just how … [audio difficulties] Coach noticed we were a little down on ourselves. [audio difficulties] Definitely this game showed everybody what we can do. We're very excited to play some great teams there.

Q: Jordan, no other freshman here has scored 20 or more points in their first 3 games. You've done that with your performance tonight. What are your thoughts upon hearing that, knowing all the great players that have played here?

Jordan Adams: actually, I just heard that as you told me. I don't look to try to beat any records. I just play.

Q: Larry, when you see Jordan at the line now, are you thinking, "hey, automatic 2 buckets right there?"

Larry Drew II: yes. He's good every time. That's just me. [audio difficulties]

Q: Larry, can you talk about what you guys did defensively? I mean, they didn't run as many high screens as Irvine did the other night. You guys definitely hung better with them tonight.

Larry Drew II: [audio difficulties] Defense starts with me. Coach, we had a talk in the hallway just about how defense starts with me. So I took it upon myself. [audio difficulties] The rest of the guys followed that.

Q: Norman, when you guys were playing with a big lead in a blowout, mentally is it tough to stay in the game? How do you kind of keep the flow?

Norman: we think the score is 0-0. Every time we come out. No matter what the lead is. No matter what the score is. 0-0. Tied ballgame. Keep our intensity. We don't let up on the guys. Whether we're winning by 20 or winning by 2. Keep that same intensity.

Q: Norman, when you see the offense rolling like it did tonight, how much confidence does it give you going forward?

Norman: It gives us a lot of confidence. Going for a good shot. It just goes on from there. The flow was great. The team was knocking down shots. We just kept the flow of the game and I was able to hit my shots this game.

Q: Norman, you guys thinking about getting to 100?

Norman: We tried. The team was really trying to get 100. To see a double zero is a great feeling to get at the end of a game.

Q: Can you tell us about Georgetown?

Larry Drew II: Georgetown is a very well-coached team. They play extremely hard. They're an excellent program. They're going to come out and give their best effort. [audio difficulties]

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