Fauria Celebrates the Win

Joseph Fauria talks about his huge catch for a first down in the 4th quarter, his game overall, and what the overall mood of the team is now that they've beaten USC...

Joseph Fauria talks after USC:


Q: So Joe, just talk about that huge first down catch…

JF: Which one?

Q: the one low off the shoe laces.

JF: Brett didn't want to make it easy for me. We talked about it after. I knew I was going to catch it right when it left his hands. There was no doubt in my mind. That's why I caught it.

Q: Joe, tell us how you feel right now.

JF: I've never had this feeling before. So I'm coming off the walls a little bit. I'm controlling myself now. But once you guys are gone, I'm going to go crazy. Nah, I feel great. This is a great win for our program. For our team. For the coaching staff. For our players. For the seniors. I'm glad to be a part of it. And to change up a little bit in LA. To change the feeling a little bit.

Q: Joe, how quickly did you buy into what Coach Mora had for you guys? When you were in camp? First time… how quickly did you buy into his thing?

JF: well there's "buying in" mentally and there's actually following it by doing it with your play, with your attitude on the field. Myself, I bought into very quickly. I didn't play much in the spring. But in the fall, I was all in. Took some guys a little longer. Maybe a little faster than me. But in the end, we all bought in. A great victory today.

Q: can you talk to us about what Hundley did today?

JF: Brett Hundley? He didn't look like a freshman. He's so poised back there. He's a leader. And he beat whatever-his-name-is on the other side, #7. He's [Brett] a great player. By the way, I hope he's [Matt Barkley] okay. And Brett played with such poise, such leadership. He wanted to win. I knew in his eyes. I looked into his eyes after every series. I can tell. Eyes of a leader. Eyes of a winner. And he already has changed it up. He's going to continue this thing we have going on here.

Q: first time in maybe 10-12 years where we can honestly say UCLA's better than USC. What does that feel like?

JF: it feels good. It feels really good.

Q: were you surprised that USC stayed in the zone as long as they did? Some of the throws, you were wide open.

JF: they definitely mixed it up on us. There were times it was pressed man, bringing pressure. Single hot safety. Sometimes it was zone and they dropped 8 guys. We did well. We still executed. Coach Mazzone called the right plays. The savior [Brett Hundley] and the mayor [Johnathan Franklin] in the backfield making their plays. I'm just glad to be a part of that.

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