Locke Talks About Lee

Jeff Locke talks about kicking the ball deep on his kickoffs, the overall mood of the team in the locker room, and what this win means for the program...

Jeff Locke talks after USC:


JL: It was pretty nice.

Q: just talk about what this feels like as a senior to finally get a victory over USC.

JL: It's really great. Kind of hard to express what we've gone through the last four years. Especially against USC. This class came in in '08. We wanted to be successful. Obviously things didn't work out the way we wanted to so for this season to be happening right now is just great for us.

Q: several key kickoffs… getting it out of Marquis Lee's hands… Did you just know coming in that you had to boot the ball as far as you can?

JL: we just knew we had to keep it out of his hands as much as we could. Him, and Woods on punting. We wanted to make sure we didn't give them a lot of space to do things because they're dangerous in the open field. So it was good to hit the ball on kickoffs.

Q: what's the locker room like right now?

JL: pretty crazy. Very wet. Lots of Gatorade in some spots right now.

Q: do you get on your guys when they make you kick off from the 20?

JL: It's not my job. I don't have time. We obviously don't want to be kicking off from the 20. My saying doesn't really matter. I'm kicking off from the 20 either way. So I just have to put the best foot on it that I can. Get a big stop on Marquis [Lee].

Q: you've been here for 5 years. What's the different feeling around the program now as opposed to the last 4?

JL: very tough to pinpoint. Yeah, I don't know. We're just very excited right now.

Q: does it feel like the monopoly, the rivalry… what does this win mean?

JL: we're not looking at it like that at all. We're looking at this as a big win for our program. We're 9-2. Finishing up next week at Stanford at home. That's how we're looking at it.

Q: then another game at Palo Alto or Eugene.

JL: exactly. Is that game over?

Q: no. It's at 5PM.

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