Zumwalt on UCLA's Defense

Jordan Zumwalt talks after the USC game about the defensive performance and what a win like this could potentially mean for recruiting...

Jordan Zumwalt talks after USC:


Q: here with Jordan Zumwalt. Just talk about what this meant?

JZ: to me personally? To me personally, this was a huge rivalry game. We wanted to come out and win regardless. I'm ecstatic.

Q: what was the feeling like in the locker room after this game?

JZ: we won. The feeling… I can't explain it. We came out and won our rivalry game. What are we? We're 9-2 now? Going into the PAC-12 championship? So things can't get any better than right now. Everybody's excited and looking forward to next week.

Q: is this 24-hour celebration going to be a bit more meaningful than the other ones this year?

JZ: uhh… yeah… 24-hour celebration is going to be a good time.

Q: obviously, this game, you're matched up against such a very high power offense. What did you guys know you had to do going into the game?

JZ: execute. We have our defense set. We knew we could stop them if we executed the right plays. We executed really well.

Q: were you surprised at all that they tried to run the ball so much up the middle?

JZ: No. We came in. We knew they were going to try to run. They were going to try to pass. We knew we had to stop them.

Q: do you think that was one of your best defensive performances of the year as a team?

JZ: first half.

Q: overall, do you think about what kind of meaning this has for the program at all?

JZ: hopefully all the recruits out there will pay attention. We're on the up. So I hope we continue to play like we've been playing.

Q: do you think it has certain value, especially for recruiting? You obviously were recruited. This rivalry game…

JZ: well, I know if I was going to ‘SC prior… I mean, not any more.

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