Franklin on USC Win

Johnathan Franklin talks about the big win over USC and what it will mean for the UCLA football program going forward...

Johnathan Franklin talks after USC:


Q: … seeing the field better…

JF: I just feel like I've been gaining confidence from how we practice. Just coming out and having fun tonight.

Q: [audio difficulties]

JF: it was like, "let's go". We got the ball. Let's go and score.

Q: was the feeling like, "let's go, we can't waste this"?

JF: oh yeah, that's a big opportunity. When you get a turnover, you have to score.

Q: how does it feel to break the record against ‘SC?

JF: man, [audio difficulties].. Of course they're our rivals. I'm happy we beat them, but we have another game. I wasn't coming into the season thinking of just beating ‘SC. We have a big game against Stanford.

Q: talk about your last touchdown. That kind of clinched it.

JF: praise God for it. And those other 10 guys blocking their tails off all season. They just opened up a hole and I ran through it.

Q: Johnathan, you're being humble, man, but you guys just beat USC. You're PAC-12 South champs. I remember talking to you 2 years ago, saying that you guys were going to take the PAC-12, PAC-10 at the time, didn't happen… but tonight's the night, man. I heard you guys were dancing in the locker room.

JF: Yeah, it's great. God is good. I have to give him the glory. I can't take any for myself. We have another game next week. Playing through the seasons, it humbled me. We have a big game next week.

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