Hundley after USC Win

Brett Hundley talks after the huge win over USC, and discusses his performance, including his big 4th and 13 throw in the first half...

Brett Hundley after USC:

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BH: it was funny. It's cool. Things work in mysterious ways. Q: did you surprise yourself a little bit with your calm and composure? I know you've been like that the all year but because of the SC game… BH: Not at all. It's a fun game to me. But I'm not going to make this game more than it is. It's another football game. It's a big rivalry, but you have to come in and control your emotions. That's the one thing as a quarterback that you have to do. Control your emotions in any circumstances or situations. My friends and family did a great job. Q: you weren't any more nervous for this game? BH: No. I had fun out there. Q: what were you thoughts on Jeff Baca [audio difficulties]? BH: I knew he could do it. I trust Baca. Jake. I knew Jake would be back. I wasn't really worried. Baca, I trust him. Our line did an amazing job. Fantastic job out there. Can't say more for them. Give them all the praise. I only do what I do just because of the linemen doing what they do, receivers do what they do, running backs doing what they have to do. Everything I do is just keep throwing the ball. The linemen are making the blocks, opening holes. I'm just running or throwing the ball. It's really simple if you think about it. I just have to give the credit to the line, wide receivers, running backs, and the defense. Q: You did make some nice throws today. Can you talk about that 4th and 13 throw, I think, where it slotted between 2 guys. BH: yeah, I think it was a cover-4… Coach Mazzone called the right play for the right defense and we hit it. Q: you just kept on hitting the 3rd and longs. It's something that you've done all year but today it really came out. BH: I have trust in Joe [Fauria], Shaq [Evans], and all our receivers. I tell him [Fauria] every game. He's tied the record now for the most touchdowns as a tight end here at UCLA. So one more, and he has the record. So I'm going to get him that but I love all my receivers. And my linemen. I trust all of them with my life. Q: with that one play with the sloppy muddy… where Johnathan fumbled it and it gets kicked. BH: I was mad. I was sitting, looking, and it just started pouring out of nowhere. I said hike and the ball didn't come out right and then Jet [Johnathan Franklin] tried to pick it up and I thought, "he got it" and it popped out on him. Q: was there anything with that? BH: anything in the game, no matter what the situation, we're going to do what we have to do. When we get the ball, try to score to the best of our ability. Mistakes happen. So you can't get down. Remind the offense to stay calm. Q: how would you describe where the 2 programs are, USC and UCLA? BH: ‘SC is at a good point. Both teams are doing great things. #1 and #2 in the south. We're all doing big things. Doing what we have to do. These are 2 big major programs. Just keep progressing. Doing the things that we have to do. Q: when you came here, you were labeled the savior. Do you brush that off or do you embrace it? BH: It's funny. It's just like the nickname Jet has. "the mayor". It's all fun and games to me. It's just another name. Q: it'll grow though. BH: just like Jetski. It'll get bigger. I just have to play my game. It doesn't affect me. Q: you feel like you're in a little bit of a zone to start this game? This game and the last game, you started with a bunch of straight completions. BH: for sure. I'm not sure how many this game. Q: 10. BH: so close to breaking the record. Trying so back. So close last game. I'm just throwing the ball to open receivers.

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