VIDEO: Franklin, Hundley after Loss

Johnathan Franklin talks about losing to Stanford after seemingly outplaying them and Brett Hundley talks about not throwing the ball out of bounds...

Johnathan Franklin and Brett Hundley after Stanford:


Q: Johnathan, can you talk… [audio difficulties]

JF: Like Coach [Jim Mora, Jr.] said, it hurts. Definitely. In life, you have your bumps. Your trials. All you can do is look forward.

Q: Johnathan, they had done a pretty good job of neutralizing you the last time you guys played, you had said this was a good opportunity to show what the offense could do. Can you talk about your performance tonight?

JF: all credit to the offensive line. They did a great job. Just opening up big holes and I just ran through them. The receivers did a great job blocking downfield. Brett [Hundley] did a good job carrying out the fakes. So kudos to those guys. I just ran down the field through those big holes they opened.

Q: how do you feel after this season after your past seasons?

JF: God is good. It's a blessing. To be able to go through a season with those guys. That's what I'm going to miss the most. Of course, I love the game of football. But those group of guys… they're great men. Great character and great athletes. Definitely going to miss that. I'm blessed. I'm going to put everything in God's hands, and I know he's going to take care of me.

Q: Brett, on that last drive, you were scrambling around a lot and a lot of time was ticking off the clock, were you trying to bring the ball and throw it out of bounds or doing anything to stop the clock there?

BH: well, we just have to make a play. I was just trying to make a play. Nothing was there. What happened, happened.

Q: Johnathan, in your time at UCLA, you've had some very bumpy roads along the way to get to this point, to get that close to the Rose Bowl, having the lead in the fourth quarter and not being able to achieve it. How do you put that into perspective so you can step back and focus on the bowl game and what has been a very successful season?

JF: it's life. On the field or off the field, you have your letdowns. Your trials, like I said. All you can do is just learn from it and get better. As an athlete and as a person, just watch the film and see the mistakes you make and just get better. We have one more game together. We've got to give it our all.

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