VIDEO: Barr on Draft Status

Anthony Barr talks about his draft status, how he'll make his ultimate decision to stay or leave, and what factors will play into that decision...

Anthony Barr talks NFL Draft:


AB: … look forward to this game. I think we're all very excited. I'm definitely looking forward to it. I'm glad it's close. Not too far away.

Q: how are you dealing with it? A lot of projections of you leaving school and all that kind of stuff. What is your thought process on it?

AB: I'm trying to not really think about it too much. I know it's kind of getting close to that time that you have to make a decision. I'm kind of just filtering everything to my mom and let her handle it. The phone calls and what not. My focus right now is with this team and winning the game. [audio difficulties]

Q: you haven't thought about a timeline or anything like that?

AB: no.

Q: you're going to get an NFL evaluation?

AB: yeah, I think that's the next step is getting graded. I don't really know how that stuff works. I really have no idea. That's the next step, getting the NFL evaluation.

Q: is it crazy to you that you're having to talk about this, considering that you just started playing linebacker?

AB: definitely. 3 months ago, everybody was asking me how my first game was, and now we're here. It's pretty crazy. But it is what it is.

Q: do you look at Mel Kiper's draft board or anything like that?

AB: No, I think you have to be an [ESPN] Insider, you know. I don't have the inside scoop.

Q: have you heard a thing or two?

AB: I've heard some things but he's [Mel Kiper] not the one that makes the phone calls.

Q: have you talked to Jim [Mora, Jr.] about it?

AB: we haven't had a conversation. [audio difficulties] will probably talk to him today or tomorrow. I've talked with my position coach, Coach [Lou] Spanos [defensive coordinator]. Those are guys I respect. They've been there and done that. So getting their word and hearing what they're saying… it's been cool.

Q: what have they been saying?

AB: obviously, they want me to do what's best for me and myself. Either way, they support my decision. They said that if I do go, they send their best wishes. But if I do come back and try to help this team next year, I can further develop myself. And that's kind of the big thing: development. So that's kind of what they're saying. It's not really a "yes" or "no".

Q: is there a grade or a round you have to be where you would officially go?

AB: I have no idea. Obviously, first round would be nice. But like I said, that's a conversation I haven't had yet. Not until I get that grade back.

Q: how much does it help, obviously playing for Mora and Spanos with their NFL experience, how much does that help going into this process?

AB: it makes me more comfortable. Not as unknown. They kind of give me the "inside". They've been there and done it before. They kind of have the inside scoop. They feed to me what they're hearing. I honestly trust their opinion.

Q: do you think you're feeling any pressure from people to try to stay or go at this point?

AB: no, I haven't had that kind of pressure yet. Maybe my mom has. She's having to deal with the phone calls, and I've tried to distance myself from all that. But I haven't had any pressure.

Q: have you had any preliminary work on Baylor just to know what they're doing?

AB: no, we're going to start that pretty much next week. Right now, we're just kind of running around and getting our legs back under us. But I have watched the film. They have an explosive offense. So it's going to be a good test.

Q: has it been pretty easy for you to shut out all the talk just on the Internet and stuff about your draft stock?

AB: it's tough. Everybody kind of letting you know. Social media and all that. But it's good when you have a coaching staff like this and teammates that kind of talk to you about it. I have so much support that it hasn't been too much of a burden.

Q: kind of a good problem to have?

AB: yeah, it could be way worse.

Q: do you see yourself leaving school or missing being on campus?

AB: definitely. I love UCLA. And it's brought me this far. I appreciate what the school's done for me so it'd be tough if I was to go.

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