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Receiver Devin Lucien discusses recovering from injury, returning to the field for the Holiday Bowl, and more...

UCLA receiver Devin Lucien after practice:


Q: for Fox Sports, I'm Annabel Stephan, out here at Spaulding Field, alongside UCLA's Devin Lucien.

Devin, you're coming off of an injury. You've been rehabbing. How has that process been going for you?

DL: well, at first it started off a little bit hard. I was kind of stubborn with the whole "I was hurt" process so I really didn't go to treatment all the time like I was supposed to, and I ended up turning into a problem for some of the coaches. But it all had to do with the fact that I had so much planned for this season, and just the fact that it was taken away from me so fast, it just hurt my heart and I just had to stay away from everybody. But after the first 3 weeks, I really started hitting the rehab hard. I started lifting weights I think 3 weeks after surgery just to see if I can do it. I went in to see Ann all the time. Coach [Sal] Alosi [strength and conditioning coordinator] got me back, and I'm just ready to play in this bowl game.

Q: how are you feeling right now?

DL: like nothing ever happened.

Q: well, it's great. We look forward to seeing you hit the field again soon. So I know the thought process. It was week 6, I think, when you went out. You guys had already started the year very successfully. What did it mean to you to see the team continuing to have that success but not being able to actively participate in it?

DL: you're happy, but it's kind of a bitter sweet. You're happy that your team is doing so great, but you just… Coach Mora's created an environment here where you just want to always participate in anything that's going on. And the fact that I wasn't able to play with them on the field while they're doing so great and all the excitement that was going on, it really killed my heart. But it was a blessing to see that we were going out there and still winning and doing the things that we were doing when I was playing.

Q: what was the support like that you were getting from your friends and teammates and coaches?

DL: they're so wrapped up in the team that they really don't have time for the guys that are injured, but every time I came around they said that they missed me on the field and they couldn't wait until I got back. And we all prayed, and God made it happen so I'm back for this game.

Q: well, you in particular had a couple of really big plays right before you went out. What can we expect to see from you in the ball game and going forward for next season?

DL: I can look at the camera right now and say that no one in Bruin nation has seen nothing yet at all. That was just… That was nothing. You have a lot more to expect from Devin Lucien. Especially with my brother Brett Hundley being on the team still. You guys got a little ounce. Me and my mom do something where we go, "hmm hmm hmm, they got a little taste of what they've got coming for the rest of the season." That kept me going for the rest of the season when I was hurt. So you guys haven't seen nothing yet. And Devin Lucien's going to come back a lot stronger than what you saw before.

Q: what are you most looking forward to about hitting the field in just a couple of weeks?

DL: scoring a touchdown. I haven't scored a touchdown since I've been in college. And I just want to really score a touchdown for the first time in a bowl game. That's the one thing I really want to do. Other than that, I'm just excited to play. It's such a blessing just to say that I'm about to play in a game. It's amazing.

Q: well, we look forward to seeing you hit the field very soon.

Keep it here at Fox Sports for all the latest on our UCLA Bruins. Alongside Devin Lucien, I'm Annabel Stephan, Fox Sports.

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