Mora's Count on Me Family Foundation

UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora's Count on Me Family Foundation was created to help children in need and provide them the opportunity to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. Help out Coach Mora and his Foundation today!

This comes from BruinPrinter, a BRO member:

Team Up: Coach Jim Mora and BRO!!!

BROs, please join me in supporting Coach Mora and his Count on Me Family Foundation (Count on Me Family Foundation).

Coach Mora cares deeply about helping children in need through his Foundation, with the same passion that we see from him every Fall Saturday while coaching the UCLA Bruin Football Team! It is this BRO's goal to show Coach Mora that the UCLA fan base, and more specifically BRO, supports these efforts. It is this BRO's goal to show Coach Mora that the Bruin faithful not only appreciate the product that he has put on the field, but that we appreciate what Coach Mora and his players are doing off the field as well! December is a time of giving, a time to reflect on how lucky we all are, and a time to maximize your tax deductions!

Count On Me is excited to expand to Southern California and focus on children's charities and programs in the LA area, including their signature charitable partners -- Special Olympics and Boys & Girls Clubs.

"Count on Me Foundation" Mission

The Jim Mora Count On Me Family Foundation was created to support children in need, primarily in three target areas: children from low socio-economic backgrounds, mentally and/or physically challenged children and children at risk. The Foundation affords young individuals the opportunity to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. The organizations we assist and partner with provide stability in young people's lives, support advocacy for children's needs and offer channels that allow children to have a voice.

With thousands of BRO subscribers, BRO can make a difference! Whether your donation is $20, $50, $100, $1000, or more……BRO can make a difference! How big can we go, BROs?

What a better time to show some support for Coach Mora and UCLA Football (9 wins, "Southern Cal" win, Holiday Bowl coming up, and a BRIGHT future ahead)…….while ultimately helping out children in need during this holiday season. BruinPrinter will be keeping track of the BRO donations and presenting Coach Mora with a symbolic oversized check after the New Year, most likely at the Signing Day event!

Donations can be made directly to the Count on Me Foundation by Pay Pal or Check: Count on Me Foundation

Please note that all funds raised will stay in SoCal and will assist children within our community.

Important: Please email me at after a donation is made with your name, the date you donated, and how much was donated. In doing so, I can track the total amount donated through BRO.

Thank you all for your consideration to support such a great Coach and an even better cause during this holiday season! Go Bruins!!!

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