Options for Collin Keoshian

With JUCO Signing Day around the corner, Glendale (Calif.) College fullback Collin Keoshian is sorting through his offers and options...

Glendale (Calif.) College fullback Collin Keoshian has had quite the football journey throughout the past few seasons.

Keoshian graduated from Canyon Country (Calif.) Santa Clarita Christian in 2010 and headed to BYU on full scholarship to play college ball.

"BYU gave me a choice to play any position I wanted to play, because I'm a versatile player. I chose to play middle linebacker, and I was a redshirt freshman there. After a while, I felt like more of my talent was on the offensive side, that I could do more for my team there. They honored that decision and I switched, and as the off-season went on, they really needed a fullback, because they weren't very deep at that position.

"I wanted to carry the ball and be a part of receiving the ball, and carrying the ball, and I don't have a problem at all with playing fullback or blocking, but the fullback in their system mainly just blocks. It was a hard decision, but I spoke with my family, and I came home and played my freshman season at College of the Canyons," he said.

Keoshian went on to play his redshirt freshman season, but again found himself playing for an offense that didn't fit his skill set very well.

"It was kind of the same story; I went in as fullback and they ran basically only a spread offense. Even the running back didn't get many carries. I researched to see what Junior Colleges ran the ball the most, and found Glendale Community College, so I went there this season and got everything I was hoping for," he said.

Obviously, this story isn't one of a player never finding satisfaction on the field. This season, Keoshian rushed for 1,265 yards, the second leading JUCO player in the state. He also found himself a spot on GCC's all-time leading rusher list.

"I'm very athletic; I'm flexible with speed, so I can make good moves on the defense. I can run them over or jump over them," he said.

Programs have taken notice of the 6-foot-2, 260-pound prospect, who has two years of eligibility left to play.

"I've been offered by Illinois State, Eastern Michigan, Utah State, San Jose State, and many Division-II schools. UCLA is talking with me right now," he said.

Keoshian says three of those programs really have his attention: UCLA, Illinois State, and San Jose State.

"I just love the Bruins. They are obviously going to be a top 25 school, maybe even a top 10. It's close to home and would be convenient for my family to come to games, and I'm really close with them. They come to all my games.

"My number one goal is to go to the NFL and I think being a Bruin would give me the opportunity to achieve that. I love what direction UCLA's program is going in. Same with San Jose State and Illinois State; it's definitely between those three right now," he said.

Interestingly enough, Keoshian was actually close to joining UCLA's program a few seasons ago, but due to credit transfers, was unable to make it happen.

"I've known Patrick Girardi for about two years. When I left BYU, I transferred to UCLA. Coach [Rick] Neuheisel gave me the okay to transfer to the school and play for the Bruins. My dad and I went to a bunch of practices and I was basically on the team, but my credits from BYU didn't transfer because I had taken a lot of religious classes. I didn't have enough credits, but that's when Patrick recommended I go to junior college and get the classes I need," he said.

Keoshian now has to weigh his options, considering he doesn't hold an offer from the Bruins quite yet.

"Right now, I would play as a preferred walk-on. They ran out of scholarships; they needed them for defensive backs and offensive linemen, which I completely understand.They made it clear to me that it wasn't because I wasn't good enough, but solely because they need other positions. They said that I would have a scholarship on the team once one opens up," he said.

Keoshian does, however, like the role that the Bruins have potentially mapped out for him.

"They said that I wouldn't be a specific position on the offense, but would play multiple positions, like fullback, running back, slot. Basically I'd be carrying and catching the ball, and blocking, as well as playing special teams," he said.

The athlete, who will join his future team in January, also recently took a visit to Illinois State and enjoyed his experience.

"I just came back from an official visit to Illinois State. I had a great time there and loved the coaching staff. They seem like a great school. I'm still going back and forth on San Jose State, but they have let me know they want me to play there," he said.

He's in no rush to make a decision and is waiting to get all the facts down before deciding what program he will soon join.

"I'm not sure when I'll decide. I'm really weighing my options on the table, sit down with my family and definitely pray about it. I need to figure out what school fits me best. I'm still kind of waiting on UCLA to figure out a few more things, like with eligibility and my classes, and whether I'll need more. I'm pretty sure I'm good to go, but I still need all the information," he said.

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