Refer A Friend, Get BRO Free!

Want to earn some free time on your BRO subscription? Refer A Friend! For every friend you refer, get a month of BRO free. And if you refer the most friends you get a night out with the BRO contributors! See inside for more...

There is now a way for you to earn free subscription time at Bruin Report Online.

Refer a Friend!

For every friend you refer who buys a BRO subscription, you'll get one month free.

That's right, refer a friend, get free BRO.

Think about it. If you refer two friends you get two months free. Six friends? Half a year free. Twelve? You'd get a free full year of BRO.

It's the best time to compel your friends to buy a BRO subscription. All of those friends who have been considering it, or have been occasionally reading your BRO content -- it's time they paid off for you.

If you're currently a non-subscriber, here's your chance to give your friend who does subscribe to BRO a gift -- of more BRO.

Plus, Compete in the Refer-A-Friend Contest!

If you refer the most friends, you'll get a free dinner with Tracy Pierson, David Woods, Greg Biggins and Greg Hicks. ***You can ask them anything about UCLA you want, and they'll have to answer you.***

BRO is a great gift for the Holidays. UCLA is hot right now in football recruiting! It's the best time -- between now and Football Signing Day in February -- to take advantage of this first-time opportunity on BRO.

If you need to remind your friend what you get with a BRO subscription, here you go:

* You'll get the #1 Bruin sports site on the Internet. has been in the business for 15 years, and is the biggest and best UCLA Internet site, and easily delivers the most scoops on UCLA sports. No other source brings you inside the UCLA football and basketball programs. BRO is one of the top ten sites in the national network!

* From recruiting to practice information to the in-depth analysis, Bruin Report Online is your one-stop source for UCLA sports. You'll get recruiting scoops, video interviews with the players and coaches, highlight videos of UCLA's recruits, the fastest and most knowledgeable reporting from practice, in-depth analysis of every football and basketball game, and access to the entire network, including all of the Pac-12 sites and the national recruiting sites.

* You'll get into the BRO Premium Message Boards, which have become well-known as the #1 place to discuss UCLA football and basketball with the biggest community of Bruin die-hards on the Internet.

* You'll get the best, most experienced and knowledgeable reporting team on UCLA in the business, with Tracy Pierson, David Woods, football recruiting experts Brandon Huffman and Greg Biggins, and basketball recruiting experts Greg Hicks and Josh Gershon, and the entire team.


1) Your friend signs up for a BRO subscription. This can be any of the annual, six-month or monthly subscription options. Have your friend sign up here: BRO Subscription Page

2) You send an e-mail to and in the e-mail include the e-mail address of the friend you referred.

3) As soon as your friend's subscription is billed after the 7-day free trial, your BRO subscription will be extended one month. You must be a current BRO subcriber to receive credit.

The Refer-A-Friend Offer and Contest ends on Signing Day, February 6th, 2013.

So go get 'em, BROs. Refer Your Friends, Get Free BRO Subscription Time -- and Win a Dinner with the BRO Experts.

Send your friends here: BRO Subscription Page. And watch your free BRO Subscription Credit Add Up!

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