Saturday Practice Notes

Saturday's practice is again dominated by the younger players for the most part, Nate Iese continued to play the Y, and several recruits were in attendance...

It was another fun, young player-dominated practice on Saturday, after a similar format the previous Saturday. Coach Mora was unavailable after practice because of other engagements, so there will be no video interview with the head coach today.

Practice began with a spirited Oklahoma drill. Brandon Sermons made one especially big hit during the period. Actually, a few of the starters did some work in the Oklahoma drill, and throughout practice, more of the starters got reps than a week ago, so it seems like the team is getting ready for real practices next week.

There was a joking version done by the back-up special teams guys to end the period, and it should suffice to say that none of them will be competing for playing time at running back.

Devin Lucien and Dalton Hilliard were both out of the red jerseys today, and Nate Iese continued to play some Y. Lucien had one very nice catch during red zone drills, pulling an underthrown ball over the head of the defender. Iese looks like a natural at receiver, as well.

Paul Perkins once again had a very good practice, putting a very effective juke on Anthony Jefferson during team drills. Perkins seems to shine in team drills, based off his performance these two practice and his play in fall camp, and you have to think he's going to be a main challenger for the No. 1 tailback spot next year.

The most fun moment of the day came when Albert Cid lined up at receiver during one on one drills in the red zone. Donovan Carter played defensive back, and Cid actually put a nice move on him to make the touchdown catch. Cid's got some soft hands, but it'll probably be about 100 more pounds of weight loss before he really shines at the F.

Sean Combs was in attendance, and wandered around the outskirts of the field to see his son. Recruits Malik Dorton, John Ross, and Darren Andrews were also in attendance. Brandon "Huff Daddy" Huffman also made it out, and performed well in player interviews.

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