VIDEO: McReynolds Talks Guard

Kevin McReynolds talks about making the switch to guard, what the biggest changes were for him, and how much he's looking forward to competing for time next year...

Kevin McReynolds talks on Saturday:


Q: here with Kevin McReynolds. So Kevin, just talk about… obviously this year, playing a lot on the scout team but switching positions. How did that go for you?

KM: I feel like, when I came over, I thought it was going to be a lot easier transition than it really was. Now that I'm over here, I'm learning techniques. Coach [Adrian] Klemm [Running Game Coordinator/Offensive Line] has done a great job teaching me. [Jeff] Baca and the rest of the guys have done a great job. Taking me underneath their wing and just teaching me the fundamentals and how to get better. And using my hands… on defense, it's a lot more where you're trying to stay flatfooted to keep guys from getting a feel. But now, I'm trying to run off the ball, get guys and just try to dominate guys. Now that I'm figuring it out, it's great.

Q: is it more of a technique thing that you're trying to switch or is it kind of a mindset thing? Like is it tough to switch both?

KM: it's a little bit of both. Definitely technique-wise. That's the biggest thing right now. I'm just trying to get my hands in there. It's kind of like defense in terms of hands, but now instead of lunging a little bit more, you have to balance your sense a little bit more.

Q: so the similarity is kind of in the hands?

KM: kind of in the hands. But everything else is a little bit different.

Q: did you play 2 ways in high school?

KM: I played 2 ways in high school but I played tight end in high school. I was about 30 pounds lighter.

Q: so this is basically your first experience playing real offensive line? I'm sure you blocked at tight end.

KM: I think I played maybe 2 snaps in high school at offensive tackle.

Q: so how would you rate your progress this year? Kind of just how you progressed.

KM: obviously I wished that I was playing right now. But I understand that there's a learning curve there that I have to understand. I'm just trying to work hard every day. Obviously to get a chance to play. Play next year. And be able to start. And things like that. I mean, I took a couple of reps in the Colorado game but obviously as a competitor, I want to do better every day.

Q: when the switch was made, what was that more "you" or was that the coaching staff coming to you and said, "hey, we think this might be a good fit for you?"

KM: I think you should talk to Coach Mora about that.

Q: in terms of… obviously the competition for next year, Baca is leaving so there's an open spot there. Do you kind of gear yourself up for competing for that spot?

KM: oh, absolutely. That's the competitor in all of us. Wanting to make sure that we have the chance to play. I obviously didn't come 6000 miles across the country to not play. It's great playing on special teams, and I'm blessed that the coaches gave me the opportunity to play on special teams, but of course I would love to play. That's kind of what I'm working hard for every day.

Q: if it came about that they want to switch you back to defensive line, would you be open to that at some point?

KM: I'm open to doing whatever the team needs me to…

Q: with some tight end?

KM: I would love that too. But I'm about 30 pounds away.

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