Goines on Freshman Season

Simon Goines talks about the strides he was able to make starting all season, how he's managed to deal with the knee injury, and discusses what he needs to work on in the offseason...

Simon Goines talks about his season:


Q: here with Simon Goines. Just talk about, obviously your first year in the program, starting basically every game. How did that feel?

SG: it feels pretty good. Really good.

Q: how much do you think you progressed from the first game of the year until now? Or even before fall camp until now?

SG: I progressed a lot. A lot better than I was at the start of camp or the first game than right now.

Q: I know that at the beginning of the year, coming into fall camp, it was a bit of an adjustment for you. Just getting used to the pace, getting used to all that stuff, when do you think you really started to hit your stride this year? Getting the feel for it?

SG: I started hitting it probably after the Oregon State game. That's when it clicked.

Q: I know you have been having knee trouble at least the last few games. How difficult has that been kind of getting used to playing with injury, playing with pain? Like that sort of thing?

SG: pretty hard. All the adrenaline stuff can relieve some of the pain. But when it gets down to halftime, it's difficult to get back up. But people just have to fight through it.

Q: is that just doing treatment, trying to keep it manageable while you're going through it?

SG: just treatment. Resting. Ice. Doing the right things.

Q: is that kind of like your regimen after games now? Ice, ice, and heat constantly?

SG: yeah.

Q: learning from Coach [Adrian] Klemm [Running Game Coordinator/Offensive Line] and like learning in this offensive scheme, what have you kind of picked up, technique-wise, from Klemm that's kind of changed your game a little bit?

SG: probably my kick step. And my punch. It's gotten a lot better over time. In high school… I watched some of my old film, and I would tend to open up a little bit. But now, I'm standing more square.

Q: are there some key things you had in mind that you want to improve on before spring or during spring?

SG: My strength.

Q: have you talked to Coach [Sal] Alosi [Strength & Conditioning Coordinator] about what they want you doing? Anything specific?

SG: yeah, I talked to him. We had a little meeting and stuff like that. Our goals and stuff like that that we want to hit. Our 10 goals.

Q: is there any kind of weight goal for you? Or are you where you want to be?

SG: I am where they want me to be. But I would actually like to be a little lower.

Q: a little lower? Kind of play a little bit stronger and a little bit quicker?

SG: yeah.

Q: and is that kind of where Klemm wants you? Because I know Klemm likes quick linemen.

SG: yeah.

Q: for you, do you look at guys coming in next year, the freshmen, do you see that there's going to be some kind of competition going forward?

SG: I love competition.

Q: do you like the idea of that?

SG: yeah, that's why I loved helping recruit these guys. Because I'm competitive. That's what makes better players.

Q: do you think that'll make you step up your game and stuff?

SG: yes.

Q: for you, for the knee thing, and not to get into specifics, but is that the kind of thing where enough rest is going to do it or you might need to get something done in the offseason?

SG: I'm not sure yet. Just have to wait and see.

Q: but you're hoping to be fully healthy by spring?

SG: Yes, sir.

Q: Cool.

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