Ross Video at Cal State Game

Check out some clips of receiver prospect John Ross from Long Beach Jordan at the practices for the Cal State All-Star game...

VISALIA, Calif. -- John Ross, the 5-11 receiver prospect from Long Beach (Calif.) Jordan, lists his current frontrunners as Washington, UCLA, Oregon State, Arizona, Washington State and Arkansas.

He also told us at the Cal-State practices that he is considering checking out Cal. "The coaching staff really wasn't talking to me heavily, hard [before the coaching change]. They weren't recruiting me hard enough, so they fell off with me and I fell off with them," Ross said.

The change in coaching staff at CAl and the change in offensive philosophy, though, has piqued Ross's interest.

"Since I just found that out, I have interest in taking a visit there and talking with the coaches," Ross said.

"I'm kind of confused right now," Ross laughed. "I don't know all the facts yet on everything. I don't know who's ready for me, and who I'm ready for, so I'm just looking right now."

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