Players after Win

The players talk about the magnitude of Friday's win over Missouri and how they were able to deal with the runs that Missouri made during the game...

Shabazz Muhammad, Travis Wear, and David Wear talk after Missouri:


Q: can each of you explain what this kind of win could do for this team going forward? To win a game against a ranked team like this?

SM: oh, absolutely. I think this is one of the biggest wins that we could possibly get. They're a top-10 team. You can tell they're a very good team. We're back where we want to be. And just about to start PAC-12 play.

TW: this is a huge win for us, especially going into conference. The conference is a whole new season, and to be going into it with this kind of momentum is awesome. I think we're really playing together as a team right now. Sharing the ball. We've improved on defense. We've improved on offense too. But it feels good to go into conference with a win.

Q: Shabazz, you hit that 3 pointer in overtime with the win. Can you just talk about how much more comfortable you are in that situation as opposed to the previous games?

SM: yeah, I'm really comfortable. I like taking the big shots. Larry [Drew II] trusted me with the shot, and I just hit it.

Q: Shabazz, you talked a few weeks ago about how you thought the team should have a little more fast breaks. Get a little faster. Is this as fast as you would want it?

SM: oh, absolutely. It was up and down. Certainly a similar style to us. As you see, we played really well. The transition was great for us.

Q: Travis, you guys probably had a collective performance together tonight. Ben [Howland] said it started in practice with you guys kind of feeding off each other.

TW: I just wanted to put it all together this game. Throughout the season, so far, we didn't play as well as we're capable of playing. I tried to go out and just bring energy.

DW: same. [audio difficulties] Coming into this game, I just wanted to be aggressive. I know they're the sixth-ranked team in the country. I knew it was going to be a big game. There was going to be a lot of pressure. And I knew I needed to be a leader and being a veteran, and being in games like that before, I knew I needed to step up. So that's a good team win heading into conference play.

Q: Shabazz, what made you guys so successful when you were facing deficits like 7-8 points throughout the game?

SM: yeah, it was believing in our defense. We buckled down and played D. And that's the main thing about us. We're so offensively talented as you can see with so many guys in double figures. We buckled down and played D and got stops. That was really important for our transition offense.

Q: Shabazz, it's been a little over a month since you guys lost to Cal Poly on this same court. How much have you guys changed since that moment?

SM: [audio difficulties] we're so comfortable out here. As you can see, the way it's really gone for myself. Larry is trusting us. We're such a better ball club from where we were when we played Cal Poly.

Q: Shabazz, what was it like to get on Pressey… and the offense as well?

SM: oh, he's great. I think the first half, he had 13 assists. That guy makes his players better. As you can see tonight, he and Larry were going at it. And Pressey can be a really great player in the future.

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