Savaiinaea Will Wait

The Honolulu (Hawaii) Punahou linebacker, Isaac Savaiinaea, will wait until Signing Day to announce his decision...

ORLANDO, FL: Honolulu (Hawaii) Punahou linebacker Isaac Savaiinaea had originally planned to announce a decision on Friday at the UnderArmour All-America Game.

But the four-star, Hawaii's top prospect in-state, wants to do it with his friends and family around.

"I'll probably wait until the PIAA lunch on Signing Day," said Savaiinaea.

Savaiinaea has narrowed it down to Texas A&M and UCLA, and while he's got another visit he could take, it doesn't appear as if he'll take it.

"I have one more visit but I don't know if I will use it," said Savaiinaea . "I kind of just want to get it over with, so I'm sticking with these two, Texas A&M and UCLA."

Savaiinaea has had coaches from both schools over in December, and they'll be back in January.

"UCLA came the first day they could, Coach (Jim) Mora, Coach (Lou) Spanos and Coach (Jeff) Ulbrich came at one time for my in-home," said Savaiinaea. "Then Coach (Brian) Polian from Texas A&M came but Coach (Kevin) Sumlin still needs to come. He'll come in January and Coach Ulbrich will be back in January too."

Savaiinaea said one school has the edge, but he wouldn't tip his hand.

"I'd say right now its 60-40 for one school, but I'm not going to say which one," said Savaiinaea . "But there is one in the lead."

So what makes the Aggies and the Bruins the favorites for the West's top middle linebacker.

"With Texas A&M, its SEC football, the best of the best, the fan support, the 12th man, it's ridiculous," said Savaiinaea . "And with UCLA, a lot of it is because of my relationship with Coach Ulbrich. He played 10 years in the NFL and he is a guy I can call my friend. He's just a great guy."

The last time someone from Hawaii played in the UnderArmour Game, it was Manti Te'o four years ago, like Savaiinaea , a product of Punahou.

"It's been a great honor playing with the best of the best," said Savaiinaea . "You get to see how truly good you are. It's been a great week."

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