Kyle Anderson talks Utah

Kyle Anderson talks about the team playing its first true road game of the year this week and the challenges that Utah will present to them...

Kyle Anderson talks on Tuesday:

Q: what are your thoughts of going on the road for the first time? A true road game.

KA: I'm excited. The win will mean much more to go on another team's floor and get a win so that's what we're looking to do. So I'm looking forward to it. As a team, this is going to help us come together and be in a tough situation where it's us against the world.

Q: do you think, given how much you guys go on the road in high school and AAU, even in just high school ball, do you think this is maybe a little overblown about you guys going on the road for the first time?

KA: I think this is way tougher than going to another high school or another AAU team. This is way different. It's going to be more intense. So we're looking forward to it.

Q: what was the biggest crowd you guys ever played in front of in high school?

KA: I would say my junior year versus St. Patrick's high school when we beat them in the semifinal of the state tournament. That was probably the biggest.

Q: how many would you guess were there?

KA: I think like 11,000 or something like that.

Q: where was that?

KA: Rutgers. At the RAC.

Q: you guys are coming off a 6-game home stand which you swept. How much confidence are you able to take out of that?

KA: a lot of confidence. We just want to use what we've done in the past 7 games. Just to build on it. Each game, with every practice, and the next game ahead of us. So more and more, we just want to get better. And that's what's important. As long as we're getting better and fighting hard, that's all Coach Howland can ask of us.

Q: with Utah's defense being pretty good, how important is it for you guys to get transition buckets?

KA: it's tough because that's what we've been scoring on lately. That's what we've been thriving on: transition buckets. Shabazz [Muhammad] has been great running the floor. The Wears have been great running the floor. Larry [Drew II] has done a great job of getting it to them. So that's where most of our points are coming from. So it's something we want to put a focal point on and get back to doing.

Q: do you notice teams trying to slow down the pace of the game a lot?

KA: yeah, I do. And I think Utah is going to do that more on the offensive end where they want to slow the game down and probably less scoring. Probably more use of the shot clock.

Q: how much more difficult does that make it for you guys to get out in transition?

KA: it makes it a lot more difficult. More energy expended on defense where fatigue's going to be a factor. But we just have to be patient on defense and get out in transition on made or missed shots. and that's something we've done pretty well these last couple of games.

Q: given how much scrutiny that Larry was under when he was at North Carolina, can you tell that he kind of plays with a chip on his shoulder a little bit?

KA: I don't think he goes out with something to prove, but I think it's just him relaxing and calming down and playing his game. I think that's proving to everybody that what went on at North Carolina is in the past. He's come a long way to where he is now. To lead a team who's won 7 wins in a row. He's playing pretty well at this point and everybody's proud of him and he's doing a great job for us.

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