Jordan Adams on Mid-Range

Jordan Adams talks about how his mid range game has developed, why it's been such an asset, and why the team struggled down the stretch against Colorado...

Jordan Adams talks after the Tuesday Press conference:


Q: can you talk about just how valuable your midrange game has been to the offense and how comfortable you are in the midrange game?

JA: it's been pretty good to the offense. Everybody is running me off the 3 point line so I'm just scoring off the bounce now. Changing up my game.

Q: Howland called that a lost art, the midrange game. Do you see that in basketball? Not too many 17, 18 footers. More layups and 3's.

JA: yeah, that's the majority of what you see. But some players are going to use it. And some players [audio difficulties] because the shot blocker is down and waiting so they just pull up.

Q: is that why you've worked on your midrange game so much?

JA: no. Just everybody is [audio difficulties]

Q: do you think you've kind of developed a reputation as a 3 point shooter so it just takes one dribble or one fake to kind of get open then on like a 14 footer?

JA: yeah, that's exactly what it is. If I'm behind the arc, everybody's going to think it's automatically going to go up so just one so just one little shot fake or one dribble and I'm free.

Q: with Ben Howland, he had another like 3000 word story in the LA Times today about his job. His personality. What is your opinion of him as a coach and as a guy?

JA: I like him as a coach. He's very tough on us. That's how my dad brought me up. So I'm used to it all. I like him as a person too.

Q: when his job gets questioned, it seems every day, every week, does it bond you guys together? Kind of playing for him to shut up doubters. Or is that not really on your mind?

JA: we don't even notice it. We don't even worry about stuff like that. He doesn't bring it up. He just brings up our next opponent and what we need to do.

Q: have you heard it though? The chatter about that?

JA: yeah, I hear about it. But I just don't pay any mind to it.

Q: when you hear it though, does it amp you up, I guess? Does it make you more jazzed to play for him?

JA: I'm just trying to think why people a lot of people say things they do or whatever.

Q: do you feel like if you guys keep winning that there's more pressure to keep that streak going?

JA: no. I don't feel there's any pressure on us. We just want to keep winning, and that's what we've been doing without the pressure.

Q: how does it feel compared to earlier in the season when had all the hype opening up and none of you guys had even played in Pauley [Pavilion] yet?

JA: we knew there'd be hype when we all came into it, so we just have to try to get over that and just play basketball.

Q: can you put your finger on what may have been the big catalyst for the change? Why guys are on this streak?

JA: we lost. We lost to Cal Poly and we lost to San Diego State. We felt that we could've won both of those games. So we were just tired of losing.

Q: was it maybe it was a function of the defense it seems? On this road trip, you guys played pretty good defense.

JA: yeah, it's been defense. Coach stressed to us every day during practice. We recently have been holding our opponents under 40%. So that's been pretty good for us.

Q: is that something you, as freshmen, had to kind of get it up to college level or that sort of thing?

JA: yeah, we all knew we could score. We just had to stop other people from scoring too.

Q: and for Oregon State, you're going against a team that lost their last 3 games. Do you think that sort of has an element of being dangerous when you have a team that has lost those games?

JA: yeah, Coach has emphasized to us in practice that they've lost 3 home games so they're going to be fired up to come in here and play us and try to beat us at home.

Q: motivation-wise, do you feel like you guys can match that with your guy's streak right now?

JA: yeah. We haven't played at home in awhile too. I don't know if our fans are happy to see us, coming back after 2 road victories.

Q: and one thing also, they give up the most points and they give up the highest field goal percentage… for you, being obviously a scoring type of guard, what does that tell you? Does that put you into attack mode? Where are you guys' thoughts on that?

JA: yeah, today, we went over their defense. We've seen gaps and scoring lanes. So we're definitely looking for those.

Q: those last 9 minutes against Colorado… I think they scored something like 30 points over the last 9.5 minute. Was that more fatigue at that point? Just defensively? Was it you guys slowing the offense down? What was it that was causing that?

JA: I think we're just trying to figure that one out. [audio difficulties] We're just trying to figure that one out.

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