Players after Oregon State Win

Shabazz Muhammad, Travis Wear, and Kyle Anderson talk about getting the win over Oregon State and the impact of their ten game winning streak...

Shabazz Muhammad, Travis Wear, and Kyle Anderson after Oregon State:


Q: Shabazz [Muhammad], you had a slow weekend last week and came back and played well tonight. Did you do anything different in your preparation? SM: I think it was letting the game come to me. My team was really giving me the chance to score. And just try to do the best I could to slow my game down. I thought I was playing too fast on the road. The jitters. Just came out here and relaxed. We all played well. Q: Travis [Wear], why is this team coming so well together defensively over really the past 7 or 8 games? Looking at what you guys have done, field goal percentage… what was the major development in that? TW: we were really young coming into this season. I just think it took time for the guys to adjust and for our team to really understand what each other was really about. Cohesiveness, really. And it's really starting to show now after we've had all these games under our belt. And understanding defensive rotations a lot better. And it's showing in our stats. Q: Kyle [Anderson], I know you know about the history here at UCLA. You got to meet Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] a few weeks ago. And tonight, Jamaal Wilkes got his jersey retired. How much of an impression do things like that make on you guys? KA: well, it's just a great impression. To put these 4 letters across our chest, UCLA, is an honor. You have to play hard every minute out there because you're part of a tradition that's been so rich back in their time. It's just an honor to play for UCLA. Q: Kyle, having gone through so many winning streaks when you were in high school, do you keep track of any streaks here that you have been conscious of? You know, the fact that you guys have won 10 straight to start. KA: no, not really. That's not really a focus. We'll just let that all fall into itself. Right now, we can only focus on what we want to control. Q: Travis, how much fun has it been, the last 7 or 8 games just on your part, to be able to produce like that on a consistent basis and getting into a rhythm offensively… TW: yeah, it feels good. That's a function of when you're playing well and playing with confidence. We've been winning. It helps it even more. I'm just going out there every night. Just take what the game give me. Play as good as I can. Q: Shabazz, how much different is the confidence, just team-wise, compared to 6 weeks ago when you guys started this winning streak? SM: oh yeah, I think confidence has really affected us. I think it just has to do with our team chemistry. Everybody is trusting each other. We're trusting each other to score. It's all about trust. Like I said, our team chemistry is getting way better. We're happy about that. Everybody is trusting each other and coming together really well as a unit.

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