Vanderdoes Keeping Busy

The Auburn (Calif.) Placer defensive tackle, Eddie Vanderdoes, has two more official visits and more in-homes...

Auburn (Calif.) Placer defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes took his third official visit this weekend, to familiar terrain.

The longtime USC commit, who decommitted from the Trojans in December, was back in Los Angeles over the weekend to take his official visit.

"The visit went great and I got to talk with the coaching staff more in depth so that was a lot of fun," said Vanderdoes. "I got to hang out with the guys on the team too. Scott Starr was my host and I was able to spend a good amount of time with the recruits and a lot of the players too."

Vanderdoes said much of the weekend was hearing from the other commits how they wanted him back on board.

"A good amount of the recruits were recruiting me back and a lot of the players who knew of me were trying to get me back on board," said Vanderdoes.

The visit also allowed Vanderdoes sometime with new defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast.

"I talked to Coach Pendergast for a little while," said Vanderdoes. "It's not like he had to introduce himself because I knew him going back to when he was at Cal and we already had that past relationship. But it was cool talking to him about the scheme."

Vanderdoes was also flanked by defensive line coach Ed Orgeron for much of the trip.

"I was with Coach O most of the time there," said Vanderdoes.

Vanderdoes had been to USC before, but the in-depth look allowed him the chance to see things he hadn't before.

"I thought what stood out to me the most was the power of the USC degree," said Vanderdoes. "I was able to get a more in-depth look at the school and talk with the president of the university. I got to hear about the alumni base and the network and see it's a true Trojan family."

With three trips down, the next two weekends will be visits to the two schools who played two weeks ago for the BCS National Championship, Alabama and Notre Dame.

"It's definitely cool, I was just thinking about it that the last two schools I'm visiting before Signing Day are the two schools who played for the national championship," said Vanderdoes. "Those will be good visits to take before I decide."

Vanderdoes will have another busy week this week with in-homes.

"USC is coming on Tuesday, and UCLA, Notre Dame, Washington and Alabama are all coming by this week too," said Vanderdoes.

Vanderdoes said that even though there were rumors about him recommitting to USC, he's not recommitted, and no school has the lead.

"Right now, it's all relatively even," said Vanderdoes. "I'll have a better idea after the last two visits but I don't want to announce a leader because it's not fair to the other schools when I haven't been on campus yet. I haven't seen those two so I won't know a leader until the very end."

Vanderdoes said he anticipates announcing his decision coming Signing Day.

"I know Signing Day is right after the visit to Alabama, so I'll probably announce it right on Signing Day," said Vanderdoes.

And Vanderdoes sees the finish line getting closer.

"You have no idea how excited I am for Signing Day," said Vanderdoes. "I can't wait. I'm looking forward to going back to being a regular person, back to square one and not being a recruit anymore. I'll go back to the bottom of the barrel."

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