VIDEO: David Wear Talks Season

David Wear talks about how his season has gone, taking a back seat to his brother, and how the team might play this weekend with just a six man rotation...

David Wear talks on Tuesday:


Q: what's it like playing at McKale Center [Arizona's arena]?

DW: playing there? It's a great college environment. It's loud. The fans are crazy. The intensity is just dialed up a couple of notches. Just because how intense it's going to be. How ready they're going to be to play. So it's definitely a great experience to be able to play in a college environment like that.

Q: You two [UCLA, Arizona], Oregon of course has stepped into the mix now, but these were the 2 teams expected to be at top before this thing started, this rivalry, what's so great about this UCLA-Arizona rivalry?

DW: I just think because of the past. How great these 2 schools have been. Just the type of games they've played, and what they've done in the NCAA Tournament. I think that just builds for a great tradition. Just a big-time rivalry where you know each year you're going to have 2 really good teams playing each other.

Q: how's your health been this year? I know you were a little nicked up at the beginning of the year.

DW: yeah, my health is good. Obviously at the beginning of the year, I had a sprained ankle. And then my back and stuff like that. But I'm all good now.

Q: how has the adjustment been, coming off the bench now as opposed to starting?

DW: it's different but I feel like, just as far as the minutes and stuff like that, it's different to adjust to. But I think I'm comfortable now and just trying to get in there and just do what I can. Just do whatever my team needs me to do.

Q: have you see Travis kind of flip a switch in the past 2, 3 weeks where he's really kind of in-tuned offensively now?

DW: I just think he's just taking what the game's giving him. Obviously, his matchup against bigger guys who aren't as quick as him and aren't able to step up off the block and really guard him. When he faces up and he's got that gap, he's going to make that 80, 90% of the time. That's just basketball. And just realizing what he has offensively and just taking what the game's gives him.

Q: does it seem like he's playing face-up even more this year compared to last year?

DW: yeah, maybe a little bit. But I think just because of his confidence right now, I think he realizes how successful he's been at it, I think it just clicks for him, and he realizes that he's not going against defenders that are able to take it away so he's just going to keep going to that. So I think that helps him a lot. His confidence is very high right now. It's huge.

Q: as brothers, you guys probably compete a lot at different things. Are you finding it hard to stay patient, and not try to match what he's doing?

DW: no, not at all. Because the situation, the dynamics of our team and stuff like that. I know like our skill sets are almost identical, and I know what I'm capable of doing too. But I'm just happy for him that he's out there, and he's taking advantage of what he has and playing with confidence and just shooting it. So I'm absolutely cheering for him, and I'm 100% happy for him.

Q: you were saying that this has been a good week of practice. If Kyle [Anderson] and Jordan [Adams] aren't able to play, how's that going to affect you guys? [audio difficulties]

DW: I think it just brings up the intensity that much more. We're already only playing about 8 guys as it is. So when you lose 2 guys, you go down to 6. I think a lot of the other guys who haven't gotten a lot of minutes are going to have to be ready to step up in a big-time game and be ready to go. And I think for those of us who are playing, it's going to be a battle. It's going to be a long game. Mentally, we have to prepare ourselves for that.

Q: [audio difficulties] Tony Parker

DW: just playing more minutes. Basically just doing what he's doing now. Being physical, coming in. Rebounding. Playing hard inside. Obviously, he'll be expected to play more minutes if those guys don't play, for sure.

Q: will you dust off your small forward?

DW: we'll see. I don't know. We'll see what happens. It's been awhile.

Q: ever been a part of a 6-man rotation?

DW: man, in a game like that? No. Not in an environment like that with a game that intense. That's going to be tough to play a 6-man rotation in a game that fast-paced. That up and down. That's going to be tough to do. But I think those guys will be ready to go.

Q: Coach [Ben Howland] said Jordan kind of left practice for a little bit today too. Was he visibly sick? Could you tell that he was kind of…

DW: he was still practicing well and still doing what he does, but you could tell that his stomach was bothering him. Even before practice, he was like, "hey, I'm not feeling good." But he's a tough kid, and he's a tough competitor. And he knows that he needs to practice and be out there, helping out the team and stuff. So we're just glad he's out there. But yeah, I could definitely tell that he was not the same as he usually is.

Q: when you see Arizona on the schedule does it kind of… like your eyes light up and you have a little something extra going on?

DW: yeah, absolutely. Obviously, they've always been a great team and this year especially, they're really, really good. And last year, losing a couple of games to them. Our last game of the season was a loss to them. So absolutely. I think everyone's really excited just because obviously the hype of these 2 teams before this team started, I think we were always looking forward to this conference game.

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