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Check out highlights from Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) defensive back Tahaan Goodman's commitment announcement and a post-ceremony interview with the newest UCLA Bruin...

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Tahaan Goodman: I'd like to thank everyone for being out here. This is my little sister Brookyln. Bryce, my little brother. My mom, April. My auntie, Crystal. My other "mom", Melissa. And basically I just want to thank all of you for coming. Thank God. My coaches. Counselors for just helping me through everything. Getting me right for school so I can be where I'm at right now. All my teammates for those good times we had in practice. Those fun memories. Definitely going to miss those. So I'm going to be a Bruin.

Annabel Stephan: Annabel Stephan here, for Fox Sports Next, Rancho Cucamonga High School, alongside defensive back, Tahaan Goodman, just committed obviously to the UCLA Bruins. Tahaan, congrats. Why the Bruins?

TG: just the Bruins because they helped me with so much. And just being there. It's like a family atmosphere. And I just always go out there and always just find more and more things that I hadn't known about them, and it's definitely the best fit for me.

Q: you definitely took your time for this process. Took all of your visits. Whittled down that list. You had a lot of offers. What was it ultimately that made you decide it was time to commit to UCLA?

TG: ultimately, it was just going on some other officials. Going on other trips. And just really combining all my knowledge together. And just knowing for sure where I want to be. And comparing them together. So UCLA definitely was the best fit.

Q: the Bruins' secondary is a unit on their team that… they've been needing to do a little bit of work on. In your own words, how would you say about the type of player that UCLA is getting in you?

TG: I feel like they're getting a great player. A vocal leader. A leader on the field. And just one who can bring in more players and recruits. And just help out the team a lot.

Q: how have those Bruins coaches talked about incorporating you into the secondary?

TG: they just need some hardhitting safeties. Someone to bring power from the backfield. They said they want me in all types of positions. Up, close, far back, and just want to use me in everything.

Q: your good friend, Priest Willis, also announcing today. What do you think, in your opinion, you think he's going to be joining you at UCLA?

TG: hopefully he will be so we'll have to see. I'll be watching.

Q: well, congratulations on the commitment. Keep it here at Fox Sports Next. For all the latest on UCLA recruiting. Alongside Tahaan Goodman, the latest UCLA Bruin, I'm Annabel Stephan, Fox Sports.

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