VIDEO: Goodman Talks Commitment

Tahaan Goodman, the safety who committed to UCLA this week, talks more about his commitment, how it happened, and the family atmosphere he was attracted to...

Tahaan Goodman talks about his commitment to UCLA:


Q: Here with Tahaan Goodman, one of UCLA's newest commits. So just talk about playing in this game. Obviously with a bunch of other UCLA commits and UCLA prospects. How does that feel? Having camaraderie with those guys?

TG: it feels great. I can just coming out here, show my talents, and just have fun with some of the other future teammates that I have out here. So it's a good feeling.

Q: how did it feel to get the announcement out of the way and get that all behind you? Not to worry about a bunch of calls from a lot of college coaches from here on out?

TG: it was a great stress reliever. Took a lot of things off my back. I'm just glad I took my time like I needed to and I was able just to commit. Now I'm just representing the Bruins and I'm ready to go.

Q: there was talk before you guys both committed on the same day, that you and Priest [Willis], were maybe not a package deal but you both had designs on maybe being at the same school. Had you guys talked before you both committed?

TG: yeah, we always talked about it. We always wanted to go to the same school together and if we didn't, we wanted to follow our own hearts and go where we fit best and UCLA happened to be the place that we did fit best. And that we both liked. We liked everything about it. Just wanted to make it a good class.

Q: do you guys compare notes on like some of the things the coaches told you and that sort of thing?

TG: oh yeah, of course, we did. Places I didn't go to that he went to. And places that I went to and he didn't go to. We all just basically just compared.

Q: did you guys even have kind of a second option that you both would've gone to at the same time?

TG: we did. We had LSU. But after I didn't take my trip, and then we took our trips to UCLA (his official, my unofficial), we knew it was the place to be.

Q: talk about your relationship with Coach [Demetrice] Martin and also Coach [Jim] Mora.

TG: Coach Martin, he's down to earth and he's funny. And he always tells the truth and is honest. That's our relationship. We can talk to each other and say what we need to say. Mora is the same way. Always honest and down to earth. I like them all. I met their families. It's like a family atmosphere over there.

Q: that's come up a lot with a lot of different recruits, especially this recruiting class, kind of that family atmosphere. Is that something they talked to you about a lot? Or is just kind of a sense you got from the team and the players?

TG: it's just a sense that you get. They just take you in. You just meet families. You meet players. You really get to hang out and they're really into you and they're wanting to make a difference. And show their recruits a good time and have fun. It makes a difference.

Q: talked a little about the party on Saturday night. Apparently Jordan Zumwalt and Eric Kendricks threw a pretty epic party. Can you talk about it at all?

TG: it was fun. Just like any other party. A lot of people there. Dancing. Girls are fun. So…

Q: good time.

TG: good time.

Q: so obviously, you're coming in with Priest [Willis], you're coming in with Tyler Foreman, you're coming in with Johnny Johnson. Have you all 4 talked about it? Have you been like, "Maybe we all can come in and start? Maybe play significantly from the start."

TG: definitely. While we were there. That's why it was so big that we were all there at that time. We actually got to talk to each other. Me and Priest, when we decided that we were going to go there, we decided that we were going to start recruiting at that moment. We told all of them to go there. A lot of DB's are leaving or some DB's are leaving, some DB's we feel like we can compete with. So we definitely just told them that and we just told them that they can compete with us and be on the team that's going to win championships.

Q: both of you guys talked about recruiting, going forward. Are there certain guys you're keying in on right now? Which guys are you going to try to recruit?

TG: Eddie Vanderdoes. We want him on our team.

Q: the big guy?

TG: yeah. A couple other players that are around that we really want and we really need on the team that will help us get a ring.

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