Recruiting Hot Board -- 2/5 Update 5:45 P.M.

WITH 1 DAY LEFT before Signing Day, things are happening fast, and here's the lastest on the prospects still left on UCLA's board, like Vanderdoes, Fitts and Woulard...

Eddie Vanderdoes, DL, Auburn (Calif.) Placer.

1/30: The elite defensive line prospect changed course and decided to host in-home visits this week. UCLA coach Angus McClure was in the Vanderdoes home Tuesday, and then watched Vanderdoes' sister play basketball. Alabama and Notre Dame coaches were also in Tuesday, and there is a plan for Washington and USC this week, too. Despite some thought that he might end up not taking it, it looks like he will take his last official visit to this weekend. Our intel on Vanderdoes is still providing good indications for UCLA and we've consistently heard that he wouldn't want to be too far away from his family. But, as we all know, at this time of year, anything can happen, and Vanderdoes does have the national champion and Notre Dame pursuing him. In fact, we think it could come down to between UCLA and Notre Dame, with possibly Alabama, after the official visit. Vanderdoes has now said he will announce on signing day.

2/1: We've heard from multiple sources that Vanderdoes has eliminated USC and Washington, and was talking to coaches from both of those schools to inform them of this development. USC had an in-home visit with Vanderdoes last night, and we don't know the result of that visit -- whether Vanderdoes did indeed inform USC they were out of the running, or if USC coaches convinced him to keep them in it. He will visit Alabama this weekend, but as of right now it looks like it's between UCLA and Notre Dame. UCLA, as we had reported, was leading, and we're hearing the Bruins are still strong. But the word is that Notre Dame made a big impression on Vanderdoes' official visit, and are working hard to counter UCLA's connection with Vanderdoes. It still looks like UCLA, since his parents want him in Westwood, and he feels comfortable with the Bruins and UCLA coach Angus McClure.

2/2:Vanderdoes is on his official visit to Alabama.

2/4: More sources are indicating that USC and Washington are out of it for Vanderdoes, and it's between UCLA and Notre Dame, with Alabama having a chance after the official visit there this weekend.

2/5: Most Recent Speculation based on Info: Some Factors for Vanderdoes

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Kylie Fitts, DE, Redlands (Calif.) Redlands East Valley.

1/30: He visited Notre Dame the same weekend as Vanderdoes, and will complete his official visits this weekend when he goes to Utah. We still receive indications that UCLA is looking very good for him, that he's given UCLA some very positive indications. He also is close to his family and has said in the past that it'd be difficult not to be close to them for college. He'l have the USC and UCLA coaches in for in-home visits this week, with McClure and Jim Mora visiting Thursday. In his most recent interviewhe said of Vanderdoes: "I have a good feeling that we'll probably end up, maybe, at the same school." Think about that and the fact that we continue to hear indications that UCLA is leading for Fitts.

1/31: Fitts attended the UCLA/USC basketball game last night, wearing Bruin blue, and was doing 8-claps. Here's a photo of Fitts at the game. UCLA's in-home visit with Fitts is tonight.

2/1: We've heard that UCLA's in-home visit went very well and that the Bruins are still the leader. Fitts will go through with his visit to Utah. He also has an unofficial with USC planned for Sunday when he returns to from his official Utah visit.

2/4: Fitts returned from his Utah visit Sunday and then took an unofficial visit to USC Sunday afternoon. A source told us that "the USC unofficial visit didn't change anything in Fitts' mind." We take this to mean that whomever was leading for Fitts before the weekend still is.

2/5: Despite a great deal of speculation, and fans actually trying to gain insight from Twitter,'s Greg Biggins reported that the sources he has close to the Fitts recruitment are indicating UCLA.

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Isaac Savaiinaea, LB, Honolulu (Haw.) Punahou.

1/30: We had consistently heard that Savaiinaea had indicated to UCLA that he was coming, and we haven't heard anything to dissuade us from that information since.

2/4: Texas A&M had an in-home visit with Savaiinaea last Thursday. We're hearing that A&M Head Coach Kevin Sumlin was supposed to make it to the visit, but didn't. Everyone close to the recruitment feels that UCLA is leading and A&M is now a distant second.

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Asiantii Woulard, QB, Winter Park (Fla.).

1/30: Woulard took his official visit to UCLA last weekend and we've heard from sources close to him that he indicated to the UCLA staff that he was coming. Now, it's a matter of determining whether that sentiment sticks after he returns home and gets hit by coaches from other programs between now and next Wednesday. The UCLA jet was in the Orlando area this week for an in-home visit with Woulard. More tidbits of information over the last couple of days point more and more toward UCLA.

2/4: The sentiment is mounting more that Woulard is announcing to UCLA. According to sources, Clemson, who was UCLA's main competition, has conceded they're not getting him.

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Cornelius Elder, RB, Nashville (Tenn.) Ensworth.

1/30: Elder has said a couple of weeks ago that it was down to Ohio State and UCLA for him, which was a bit surprising since it appeared UCLA had conceded he was going elsewhere. But apparently more programs are getting involved late. He's supposed to officially visit Auburn mid-week and then Georgia Tech this weekend. Elder wants to play both football and basketball in college (a D-1 level point guard), and that could impact his decision. If UCLA got Elder it would be icing on the cake.

2/1: Elder visited Auburn, and he says they are now under serious consideration. He'll go on an official visit to Georgia Tech today.

2/5: Elder has decided not to sign on Signing Day, putting off his decision after visiting Georgia Tech. Auburn just got a commitment from Peyton Barber, so that could discourage him from going to Auburn. Ohio State just received a commitment from the #10-ranked RB in the country, Deontre Wilson. UCLA is still considered a longshot.

Announcement: Not on Signing Day, TBD

UCLA Soft Commitments

Priest Willis, DB, Tempe (Ariz.) Marcos De Niza.

2/5 1:15: Word has come out from Priest Willis that he will not sign a National Letter of Intent tomorrow because his parents are currently out of town. Greg Biggins is reporting that LSU would be an option for Willis, as the LSU coaching staff had an in home visit with Willis after his commitment to UCLA. Per Biggins, the only schools involved with Willis are LSU and UCLA. Willis committed to UCLA two weeks ago on the same day as his good friend, Tahaan Goodman. For some time, Willis was a strong UCLA lean prior to the announcement, so this is a very interesting development.

2/5 5:45: Per new information from Greg Biggins, it appears that Willis actually could sign with UCLA tomorrow, that what caused the issue was a misunderstanding of how the NLI could be signed, and that Willis is still solid to UCLA. The UCLA coaches will have to email his mother an electronic copy to sign, which would allow Willis to sign tomorrow.

Announcement: TBD, but he will appear on's Signing Day show at 8 A.M. PST.

Myles Jack, LB, Bellevue (Wash.).

1/30: Jack visited hometown Washington last weekend and survived the onslaught of local pressure. After the visit he told Brandon Huffman that he was still very much committed to UCLA. He has plans to visit Florida State this weekend. One of the most important stops for the UCLA jet this week is Seattle, and Mora has been saving his in-home visit with Jack just for this occasion. <p>

1/31: An Internet rumor circulated Tuesday that this Myles Jack was offered by and taking a visit to Georgia, apparently his childhoold favorite (he spent some of his childhood in Georgia). It would be instead of Jack visiting Florida State this weekend.'s Scott Kennedy sorted it out:

Jack still hasn't set an official visit with Georgia. From what I understand Georgia had a recruiting assistant making cold calls to kids as possible Plan B running back replacements in case they miss on a few of their targets in the next week. Among the players on the list was Jack, so Georgia put in a call to Bellevue's coach, about Jack's interest at running back. The coach ran with it... and from a graduate assistant calling Bellevue's coach about possibly playing running back at Georgia, we get... "He's taking an official visit to his dream school." From what I understand, the defensive staff at Georgia didn't know who Myles Jack was until it was reported he was coming in for an official visit. I've been told scholarship papers haven't been approved, transcripts haven't been checked in order to set an official visit, and no official visit has been scheduled.

-- **Mora and a few assistants flew on the UCLA Jet up to Seattle last night for the in-home with Jack.**

2/1: Mora and linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich had a long in-home visit with Jack and it reportedly went very well. In fact, Jack called the staff after the visit and talked for an hour.

We have it from a good source that there is a possibility Jack visits Georgia this weekend. The thing is, UCLA shouldn't be too scared about Georgia, coming in so late after Mora had personally recruited Jack for so long, and recruiting Jack as a running back. In fact, as long as he's on a visit this weekend that takes him out of Seattle, to Georgia or Florida State, it's better than if he has the local pressure from Washington to take an unofficial visit.

2/2: Good sources have indicated that Jack didn't take a visit to Georgia, or Florida State, and has no plans to unofficially visit Washington. We'll see if this holds true throughout the weekend.

2/4:Jack didn't visit Georgia or Florida State officially, or Washington unofficially this weekend. Washington offered linebacker Keishawn Bierria on his official visit this weekend, and with a limited amount of scholarships to give, it's a decent indication that Washington has moved on with Jack.

2/5: Jack told a Seattle television sports reporter that he's still signing with UCLA.

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Christian Morris, OL, Memphis (Tenn.) East.

1/30: Morris visited hometown Tennessee a couple of weeks ago and, even though UCLA still emerged as the leader after the visit, Tennessee is hitting Morris hard. The UCLA jet stopped in Memphis yesterday, and UCLA OL Coach Adrian Klemm was seen at Morris's basketball game. The money is still on Morris signing with UCLA next Wednesday.

2/1: We've heard there's a possibility that this weekend Morris could visit Ole Miss, where his teammate is headed. Morris has been a bit shaky for a while, so if there's a committed recruit that, on Signing Day, pulls a surprise and goes somewhere besides UCLA, it's probably Morris.

2/2: Morris did, indeed, take a visit to Ole Miss. It definitely is a worry, since Ole Miss has a commitment from his teammate. Ole Miss, too, is pulling out some big commitments, so UCLA keeping Morris is definitely a concern.

2/4: Morris is now down to UCLA and Ole Miss, and it sounds from this update that Ole Miss will be tough to beat.

2/5: Various reports have Morris staying in the UCLA fold. Our sources aren't completely tied in to the Morris recruitment, but they believe it will be UCLA. This one could go either way.

Announcement: Signing Day, 7:00 a.m. PST, at high school

Kenny Lacy
, Phoenix (Ariz.) Mountain Pointe.

1/30: Lacy took an official visit to Arkansas last weekend and, immediately after the visit, said he was 100% committed to UCLA. Now, in a post-trip story, Lacy sounds like he's not 100%. We're hearing, in fact, that Lacy is a little shaky in his commitment, but that the odds are that he signs with UCLA.


2/1: Lacy is saying he'll announce his decision, between UCLA and Arkansas on Monday. Like we reported, he's indicated to everyone close to the recruitment it's UCLA, but wants to have an announcement. It would be a complete shock if he didn't announce for the Bruins.

2/4: We've confirmed with Lacy that he'll sign with UCLA.

2/5: Sources are telling us that Lacy called the UCLA and Arkansas coaching staffs and informed them he intends to sign with UCLA.

Cameron Judge, LB, Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian.

1/31: A while back, UCLA had told Judge that he might want to look into other options, but Judge remained committed to UCLA. He took an official visit to ASU, and now we're hearing that Oregon, where his father players, is interested. Oregon coaches are coming to Oaks Christian for a visit, and we think if a Duck offer is extended he'd commit. If Oregon doesn't offer, and they might not, he might fall to ASU. In terms of his relationship with UCLA, it's still there, and it might sort out in the next couple of days.

2/1: We spoke with Judge Thursday, and he indicated that Oregon didn't offer and isn't involved. He said he'll decide between UCLA and Arizona State. He has yet to take an official visit to UCLA, and there isn't a plan for him to do it this weekend. We believe he'll end up at UCLA if the Bruins feel they have a spot for him. If not -- ASU.

2/2: According to sources at Oaks Christian, UCLA coaches talked to Cameron Judge yesterday and the situation looks improved for Judge to be a Bruin. It sounds like UCLA told Judge that they clearly want him. And from the source close to Judge, it's what he wanted to hear. It will be interesting to see if it's enough to overcome ASU's recruitment of him. We do know that Todd Graham was in the Judge home on Friday night, and it remains to be seen what effect that will have on him.

2/4: Graham wasn't able to visit Judge, citing a family emergency. Judge will announce between UCLA and ASU and, like we said, it's a matter if UCLA's late reassurance to Judge was enough. There was a plan for Judge to take an unofficial visit to UCLA Saturday, but we have yet to confirm it.

2/5: Judge said that he's been in touch with the UCLA staff recently, which is a good sign.

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***There are still some recruits who we can't reveal at this time that UCLA was still actively recruiting up through this last weekend.

-- ***UCLA will have a small Junior Day on Saturday, February 9th. They'll be doing a handful of these throughout the next months. They're more like Meet-and-Greets, since Junior Days are getting too big and unwieldy.

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