VIDEO: Adams talks Uniforms

Jordan Adams talks about the new all-blue uniforms the team will be wearing against USC on Wednesday, and also talks about playing defense...

Jordan Adams talks about uniforms:


Q: is this what we can expect from you tomorrow [Wednesday, 01-30-13]?

JA: I don't know. I thought since we're going to wear all blue, I'd put everything on blue.

Q: how do you feel about it?

JA: I like it. It's something different. Usually we don't change jerseys like that so it's something new.

Q: is this one that you may want to keep and hang up in the closet home for awhile?

JA: yeah, possibly.

Q: you think they'll let you?

JA: yeah, I think they will.

Q: and they want everyone, all the fans and everyone… everyone to wear blue. What do you think that'll be like? To see everyone kind of like the same color.

JA: yeah. Just seeing everyone wearing blue. That'll be something different too.

Q: and what about USC? That'll be a little different for you, having them come in here. What do you know about playing your crosstown rivals?

JA: I know that they're better than their record shows. They're going to play hard. It's a rivalry game. And they want to beat us just like we want to beat them. Just be ready to play tomorrow.

Q: any added motivation that it's USC? Or is it just another game for you?

JA: it is motivation. We know a couple of their players. We know them off the court. So they want to beat us and have bragging rights.

Q: have you guys even thought about the prospect of possibly playing without Shabazz [Muhammad]? And how much would that change things?

JA: we haven't thought about that. Hopefully he'll be fine before tomorrow.

Q: do you think he will play? I know everyone seems to think he would play through it even if he still was sick.

JA: yeah, I think he will play tomorrow.

Q: is that the same thing that you had last week?

JA: I don't know what he had. I haven't seen him.

Q: did you have a fever last week? Or just sick?

JA: just sick.

Q: were you throwing up and stuff? ‘Cause I guess he's got stomach…

JA: yeah, I was throwing up but it was nothing too serious.

Q: so for you, it was a 1-day thing and then the next day…

JA: it was 2 days.

Q: so since you just went through it, if you see that he's feeling bad out there on the court, would you tell him to take a breather? That he has to pick it up?

JA: I'd tell him to hydrate. And if he can go, stay out there. And if he can't, let the trainer know.

Q: you guys had to play shorthanded against Arizona State. Is that something maybe you guys were hoping you'd never have to do, given how shallow the depth is on this team? And is this kind of what you guys have to deal with, especially with having few guys?

JA: yeah, we just have to deal with it. We were short when Tyler [Lamb] and Josh [Smith] left so we're already limited players. It's just something we're used to.

Q: what do you guys think about having only 1 game this week? Are you guys looking forward to having a break?

JA: oh yeah. Get our legs back under us. More time to break down our next opponent. Get extra conditioning in.

Q: you said USC is better than their record indicates. What do you mean by that? what tells you that that is true?

JA: all their games have been kind of pretty close. They have pretty good players despite their coaching changes. They just look better as a team.

Q: I know that, offensively, Coach Howland's kind of changed his philosophy. Kind of letting you guys go. Giving you guys more free reign. Does it feel like that to you? Or is it kind of all system basketball?

JA: he just lets us go. Me and Shabazz run wide, and if Larry can find us, he can find us. But if not, then that's when we stop and try to run a play.

Q: is that something he made clear to you in the recruiting process? That it was going to… you were going to be able to kind of showcase your ability out there and play basketball?

JA: not so much. That he saw how this team started to flow. That we're just like a running team. So he just let us go with that.

Q: but what's it like for you? How much fun is that?

JA: it was fun. We don't stop so it's fun.

Q: and he's making you guys run like crazy?

JA: yeah.

Q: like how much? he said, the other day, 2 hours and 45 minutes of practice of just running. All conditioning.

JA: no, not all conditioning. When we say "running", we mean running up and down all the time [during] the scrimmaging.

Q: does that hurt you guys when it comes to playing maybe Thursday-Saturday games? That short turnaround time. Does that make it more difficult?

JA: it can be. But we don't try to use that as an excuse.

Q: how is your game different from the first few games to the last few? [audio difficulties]

JA: I don't have to do as much anymore.

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