VIDEO: Anderson on Offense

Kyle Anderson talks about the need to shoot more since teams are playing off of him and the impact of having a weekend off to rest...

Kyle Anderson talks about shooting:


KA: I think it was just a lapse with our team. They came out and played great basketball. Got to credit them. They had their game plan with us. And they were just a better team on that night.

Q: I want to ask you about your teammate, Larry [Drew II], the lone senior. What kind of leader has Larry been for this team, on and off the floor, especially or guys like you coming in, first year in college?

KA: Larry's been a great leader by example. Being vocal is not really his character or his personality but just off the court, on the court, practice every day, just leads really well by example.

Q: yeah, I was going to say that he doesn't seem like a too outgoing crazy type of personality, he must have to lead by example, huh?

KA: yeah, he does such a great job hustling, doing the little things. Even off the court. Such a great person. Great friend. Great teammate. So leading by example is his way of leading.

Q: Coach [Ben Howland] talked a little bit about you maybe playing some more point guard. Is that still kind of been at the back of your mind at all, being able to play point guard? Or have you just been focused on being a 4?

KA: I've been really focused on being a 4. But I'm really excited about getting a little bit more minutes at point guard so I'm looking forward to that. I feel like it'll help us out a lot.

Q: it seems like teams have been playing off of you and Larry a little bit. How much have you been working on your shot the last week or two?

KA: yeah, I've been working on my shot a lot lately. The last two teams we've played have given me room to shoot, and I just want to be able to help my team by knocking down that jump shot and be effective. To be able to get past my man and create for others.

Q: how angry was the team after that USC loss? Because Larry came out here pretty mad.

KA: we were really angry. Angry at ourselves though. There's no one else to be angry at. But we just took the game as a learning experience thing. We can't take any team for granted or anything like that. Or underestimate a team. We have to play everybody as hard as possible.

Q: did you guys get an emotional boost when you saw that Oregon had lost 2 games and you guys were back in the race?

KA: uh, not really. Everything still stays the same. You still have to do what we're supposed to do on the court. That helps out, but everything will take care of itself if we do what we're supposed to do and just do our job.

Q: what did you do with your free time?

KA: nothing really. Just was in the gym a lot. Got a lot of rest. We had some good practices over the weekend. Saturday. Friday. And was in the gym really.

Q: do you feel rested?

KA: yeah. I feel really rested. Definitely got a lot of rest. So this week off was good.

Q: do you think this team needed a break? Not just physically but maybe even mentally?

KA: yeah, I think that would help out. The [Wear] twins went home so when they go home and come back, they play well as they did in the Missouri game. So yeah, everybody got a break. That's it really. We're just coming back this week looking to do what we're supposed to do.

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