VIDEO: Adams Talks Rest

Jordan Adams talks about the difficulties of playing offense when teams aren't defending Kyle Anderson and Larry Drew...

Jordan Adams talks at the presser:


Q: maybe that's his calling…

JA: yeah, it is.

Q: rapping. What kind of stuff? Does he write his own stuff?

JA: yeah, he does.

Q: he writes his own stuff?

JA: mm-hmm.

Q: and does he like show you guys?

JA: He let us listen to it.

Q: does he… he records it?

JA: yeah.

Q: where can I get some of this?

JA: I don't know. You should ask him.

Q: you want to give a little rendition? Or are you not into it?

JA: I'm not his biggest fan but he can rap good.

Q: alright, thank you.

Q: can you find it on iTunes?

JA: he's trying to put his stuff on iTunes.

Q: is he?

JA: yeah.

Q: what's this week been like for you guys? Been just kind of a mental break? Or did you guys really need to get over your USC loss?

JA: it's been one of the most physical weeks I've had here on the court, going hard since we stepped on the court. Nonstop intensity.

Q: so it's kind of hard to call it a break?

JA: yeah.

Q: do you think it's nice not having a game for awhile though after a loss like that against ‘SC or would've had been better to get another game right after to get it out of your mind?

JA: no. We needed this week to focus on the little things and attention to details. And all the stuff that are making us lose. Go back and correct those.

Q: with guys kind of sagging off Larry [Drew II] and Kyle [Anderson] a little bit more on offense, how hard is it when you're coming off a curl and you've got like kind of a guy right there immediately?

JA: yeah, it's kind of tough for me and Shabazz [Muhammad]. They're just sagging off them two and just playing 3 on 5. Coach [Howland] is making them shoot more and they're both confident in their jump shots and hopefully it'll change.

Q: what were your emotions like after losing to ‘SC?

JA: I was shocked. It was my first time in the rivalry. Now I understand the true rivalry of it.

Q: did you see them celebrate?

JA: huh?

Q: were you watching them celebrate?

JA: yeah, I watched it.

Q: what did you think of it?

JA: I was like, uh… they were really happy.

Q: did it take a loss maybe for you guys to really understand what this rivalry was like?

JA: yeah, definitely for the first one because this was my first time in that rivalry game. We really saw how serious that UCLA-USC rivalry was.

Q: do you think it would've helped maybe if you guys had played in that game before? Or do you think it would've ended…

JA: yeah, it would've definitely helped.

Q: did it feel like it undid a lot of progress you had over the past 3-4 weeks? Just having that bad loss to USC at home.

JA: yeah, it's a minor step back but we have to keep moving forward from here.

Q: when you guys walked off the court after that loss, you were 3 games back of Oregon. With what happened over the weekend, you're only one game back. Do you feel kind of a new life here going into the second half of the season?

JA: oh yeah, our coaches brought it to our attention the first day of practice… I think it was yesterday [Monday]. Brought it to our attention yesterday. That we have to keep going out there playing hard and not get complacent when we get a good win or a quality win.

Q: were you guys watching the Oregon games?

JA: no.

Q: so you guys didn't even know that they lost until yesterday?

JA: no, we like knew but we didn't watch them as a team…

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