Scout Team Review: Offense

We take our annual look at the scout team and the guys who only play minimally this year. Starting off, we take a look at the offense...

Greg Capella, Offensive Guard, (6'3, 290) RS JR: Didn't practice much after fall camp, due to a concussion. We've heard that he's unlikely to compete in the spring.

Prediction for this season: Back up OG.
Long Term Outlook: Graduating

Alexandru Ceachir, Offensive Guard, (6'5, 305) SO: Ceachir was a work in progress this year. His physical tools are decent, with a mean streak and an ability to hold blocks and move his feet, but we heard throughout the year that he was struggling to pick up some of the techniques due to the language barrier. We also have some reason to believe that Ceachir might not stick with football going forward.

Prediction for this season: Scout Team
Long Term Outlook: Scout Team

Colby Cyburt, Offensive Guard, (6'4, 265) FR: Cyburt didn't practice at all this season after suffering a back injury and then going through the recovery process after that. Obviously, after sitting out most of the year, he's going to have a great deal of work to do physically to get back in the hunt for playing time. With the freshman class coming in this year, especially at guard, it might be a tall order for Cyburt to compete for playing time this year. We've heard he almost certainly won't be ready for the spring while recovering from back surgery.

Prediction for this season: Scout team.
Long Term Outlook: Backup OG

Roosevelt Davis, F Receiver (5'6, 155) RS FR: Davis actually has some ability, with very good speed, good quickness, and some skills as a return man. Obviously, his size presents some issues, but he was able to compete in practice, and actually got some limited time as a return man this year. His body has nowhere to go, so it's unlikely that he develops too much further, but as it stands, he could see some backup time in the event of an injury.

Prediction for this season: Scout team, special teams
Long Term Outlook: Special teams.

Mike Fafaul, Quarterback (6'1, 200) FR: It was kind of a running joke throughout spring and fall camp that Fafaul might have had the best throwing motion on the team. He has a nice, compact throwing motion that minimizes hitches, and he throws a ball with nice spin and some velocity. His feet aren't as solid, and he can occasionally mis-plant which results in some ducks. His body, as well, will likely prevent him from seriously competing for playing time at this level, as he's thin through the shoulders and probably couldn't withstand the rigor of getting hit. Still, as a backup and scout team quarterback, he's an asset.

Prediction for this season: Fourth or Fifth string quarterback.
Long term outlook: Fourth or Fifth string quarterback.

Ahmaad Harris, F receiver (5'6, 155) FR: Like Davis, Harris has some decent physical tools, including quickness and speed, that could let him see the field at some point down the road as a return man in case of injury. Other than that, though, his physical limitations might be too much to overcome.

Prediction for this season: Scout team, special teams.
Long term outlook: Scout team, special teams.

Carl Hulick, Center (6'2, 300) FR: There was talk when Hulick came in that he might compete for a starting spot, but it was pretty clear about a week into fall camp that that wouldn't be happening. He's got a fairly stiff body and really didn't move particularly well. From what we've heard, he also struggled to maintain his weight, which impacted his overall strength. If we had to guess, with Scott Quessenberry coming in, and the depth that's been added at offensive guard, Hulick is going to have difficulties competing for playing time.

Prediction for this season: Scout team
Long term outlook: Scout team, backup center

Nate Iese, Y (6'4, 240) FR: After watching him in the open practices in December look very good at the Y position, we're going to say that he'll switch to the position full time in the spring. He's very athletic, and showed nice hands. While he might compete for playing time at outside linebacker, the Y depth chart is wide open, and he might be a more likely candidate to impact there.

Prediction for this season: 2nd or 3rd string Y
Long term outlook: 1st or 2nd string Y

Kody Innes, Center (6'3, 275) RS SO: Innes now enters his fourth year in the program, and it's pretty clear at this point that he's going to have some significant issues breaking into the rotation. He played some backup center this year, but that was more due to a tremendous lack of depth than anything. With the seven offensive linemen coming in this year, we have to figure that Innes is likely not going to see the field at UCLA, and may consider moving on.

Prediction for this season: Scout team.
Long term outlook: Scout team.

Kevin McReynolds, Offensive guard (6'1, 300) RS FR: McReynolds doesn't have great feet, and his overall athleticism doesn't work particularly well for how UCLA wants to use its guards. We'd have to guess that he'll slot in at guard in the spring, but by fall he may move back to the defensive line, simply given the number of guards coming in. He doesn't look like he'll have a great chance of competing with the incoming freshmen along the offensive line.

Prediction for this season: Scout Team nose tackle
Long term outlook: Back up nose tackle.

T.J. Millweard, Quarterback (6'3, 220) FR: When he came in during the spring, Millweard had a very hard time throwing an accurate, catchable ball. He had a long, hitchy delivery, and couldn't spin the ball with any consistency. What's more, for a big kid, he didn't throw with much velocity either, with many of the throws floating on their way to the receiver.

Between spring and fall practice, though, it's clear that Noel Mazzone put in some work with Millweard. He's still a long way away, but his delivery has been shortened considerably, and his ball had some more consistency by the end of the year. Still, it would be a tough thing to project him as developing into a capable backup by next year, or even the year after. He still has a lot of work to do on his mechanics, and getting those mechanics totally ingrained will be a long process.

Prediction for this season: Fourth or Fifth string quarterback
Long term outlook: Third or Fourth string quarterback

Jerry Neuheisel, Quarterback (6'1, 195) FR: Probably the biggest surprise of the spring and fall is just how capable Neuheisel is. Although he's probably not your ideal fit for a starting quarterback, with a thin body and below average arm strength, as a backup, he's more than serviceable. Mentally, as a coach's son, he's very advanced, picking up opposing offenses with ease and running the scout team very well. He drew rave reviews from the coaching staff this year for his leadership of the scout team, and we know the coaches in general are very high on him.

That being said, he's probably the guy you want filling in for Brett Hundley for a series or two at times this year, but if he had to start a game or play significant time, it would seriously limit what the offense is capable of. He can't hit outs to the sideline with consistent arm strength, with a number of those passes getting picked off in spring and fall camp. That would make swing passes difficult. He's an accurate passer between the hashes, but down the sidelines he'll have issues. Again, though, as a guy to come in for a series or two and manage the offense, he's not a bad option.

Prediction for this season: 2nd or 3rd string quarterback.
Long term outlook: 3rd or 4th string quarterback.

Conor McDermott:, Offensive Tackle (6'8, 265) FR: Obviously, McDermott has to put some weight on, but he actually didn't look horrible this past season. He moves pretty well for a 6'8 guy, and actually played a little tight end during the Turkey Bowl scrimmage before Thanksgiving. Also, for a 247 pound guy, he has some decent strength. It's an open question where his body will go when he adds 30 or 40 pounds to it, but we've heard that he's already up to 270 or so. Again, though, with the offensive linemen coming in, it's a stretch whether he'll be able to compete for playing time, but as a scout team tackle, he's an asset.

Prediction for this season: Scout team
Long term outlook: Scout team

Will Oliver, Offensive Tackle (6'7, 290) RS FR: Last year was the first time I got to see Oliver play for any extended period of time. Physically, after sitting out most of 2011, he's not there, still looking top heavy. Expecting him to contribute at any point in his career, especially with the tackles that UCLA is bringing in, would be a tall order.

Prediction for this season: Scout team.
Long Term Outlook: Scout team.

Paul Perkins, Running Back (5'11, 192) FR: Perkins was one of the more impressive players on the team this year among those who didn't play. As many observers noted, he was dynamic during fall camp and the open practices in December, repeatedly breaking big runs and showing off good quickness and a good burst. Physically, he looks good as well, needing to only add a bit more strength to his frame to withstand the rigors of playing tailback in the Pac-12.

We had heard during the season that some in the program were worried that he wasn't picking up the offense quickly enough, but we haven't heard anything further on the subject. Given his physical tools, the lack of depth at running back, and the uncertainty surrounding Craig Lee, he's probably our pick to get the first string carries this season.

Prediction for this season: Starting or second string running back
Long term outlook: Starting or second string running back

Tyler Scott, Wide Receiver (6'2, 214) RS FR: Scott impressed many observers during spring practice, frequently making big plays down the field and actually snaring a couple of touchdowns in the spring game. He has kind of a baseball body (given that he's a baseball player as well), with big haunches which kind of limit his speed and quickness. Still, in a pinch, he could play, and as a scout team receiver, he provides a great look.

Prediction for this season: Scout team
Long Term Outlook: Scout team

Logan Sweet, Wide Receiver (6'0, 185) RS FR: Sweet impressed in 2011 in his time on the scout team as one of the stars of the scout team scrimmage, and then in 2012, he again was a good scout team receiver, frequently providing the look for the No. 1 or 2 receiver for the opposing team. He's another guy who's great to have on the scout team who could play if depth becomes an issue this year.

Prediction for this season: Scout team.
Long term outlook: Scout team

Ian Taubler, Y (6'4, 250) FR: Included only because people don't pay attention to blocking, Taubler actually played significant time this year, acting as the true blocking tight end for the offense whenever they went into a two tight end set. He actually flashed some nice hands in fall camp, so he could see an expanded role this year. With Thomas Duarte coming in, Nate Iese potentially moving from the defensive side of the ball, and Darius Bell still hanging around, the competition should be pretty heavy for the starting Y spot. The Y position in the offense is diverse enough, though, that several players could get time, and our guess is that Taubler's ability to block will get him on the field this year.

Prediction for this season: 2nd or 3rd string Y
Long term outlook: 2nd or 3rd string Y

Ben Wysocki, Offensive Guard (6'4, 295) RS FR: Although Wysocki was dubbed "The Franchise" in fall camp, he may have a hard time competing this season. He didn't impress last year, without great strength and also not looking greatly mobile. With the freshmen coming in in the fall, he's going to have a hard time cracking the two deep at guard.

Prediction for this season: Scout team.
Long term outlook: Back up OG.

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