VIDEO: Adams on Rebouning

Jordan Adams talks about the demands on him to rebound on the defensive end and whether or not it's something he's used to doing...

Jordan Adams talks about rebounding:


Q: what can you guys do to rebound more?

Jordan Adams: just be more aggressive on the defensive boards. And box out a big man or two instead of just guarding them.

Q: is that a mindset that you have to have? Just have to train yourself? Something you just have to learn how to do?

JA: yeah, it's both of those things. He's been talking to us in practice about us getting rebounds more from the guard standpoint just in case the big doesn't get the rebound, the guard can go get it.

Q: you guys are so comfortable going out in transition, especially you and Shabazz [Muhammad]. Does that make it harder to focus on trying to get that defensive rebound because you're thinking about trying to get going fast?

JA: yeah, he gets on me and Shabazz a lot in film. That we just take off running and forget to get the defensive rebounds sometime. So yeah. Our focus should be trying to get the rebound first and then take off running.

Q: do you feel like you guys have gotten better at that? Or is that still kind of a work-in-progress?

JA: yeah, it's a work-in-progress. Because we're just so out of it.

Q: how hard is it to train yourself to do that? You guys got outrebounded by 10 a game last weekend and yet you still won both games. How hard is it to realize the importance of it, going down the stretch?

JA: down the stretch, we realize it more. Because we don't want to lose so we're more attuned to it. So down the stretch, there's more of a focus.

Q: were you surprised to find yourself in first place yesterday morning when you woke up?

JA: oh yeah, I was. I didn't expect them to lose. But in this conference, anybody can beat anybody in a game.

Q: and what does that tell you about the importance of the second game?

JA: that you just have to play hard. You can't relax at any point.

Q: as a guard, have you ever been asked to rebound?

JA: yeah.

Q: in high school…

JA: in high school, really nobody's rebounding. In high school, it's free-for-all, kind of. Everybody just goes out there and play. But yeah…

Q: is this the first time that someone's really asking you to rebound the basketball?

JA: yeah.

Q: how much of an adjustment have you had to make?

JA: not that big of an adjustment. Just whenever a shot goes up, get the offensive rebound or the defensive rebound.

Q: is it second-nature to you? Or is the first instinct for you to leak out?

JA: I think I can do it.

Q: do you guys feel that you guys haven't been able to adjust so far and then you guys… Coach Howland talked about… you guys have had several weeks where you're focusing mainly on rebounding, but yet it seems like things are getting a little worse. Has that just been frustrating? That you guys haven't been able to really pin it down and be able to rebound?

JA: yeah, first it was our defense. We struggled early with our defense. We picked that up a little bit. And now it's the rebounding. We get the initial stop but then we give up second chance shots.

Q: it's that kind of demeaning for your defense, especially getting that you guys have improved but you're still allowing the same amount of points because of the offensive rebounding, is that frustrating for you guys?

JA: yeah, it hurts. You actually stop someone, and they just get the rebound again and they score off of that.

Q: is the rebounding margin something you're aware of even as you're playing the game, how much you're getting rebounded or is it a surprise until after the game when you look and you're getting outrebounded close to double digits every game?

JA: no, he tells us like at timeouts. They bring the stat sheets over. So the coaches bring the stats and say, "we're getting killed on the boards" and stuff. So we're aware.

Q: Jordan, you kind of got your shot back in the last game. How did that feel?

JA: it felt great. It was just I've seen it go in.

Q: what was the difference, do you think? Between this last game and a couple games before that?

JA: I think I was just rushing my shot more. That's pretty much it.

Q: you're down around 30% now I think from 3. Have you ever gone through a slump like this before?

JA: no, not really. Just trying to get the win. That was my main focus.

Q: what have you done to try to break the slump a little bit?

JA: extra shots. Crazy shots in the gym.

Q: is there anything like mentally you've done? To just like not focus on it or…

JA: not at all.

Q: was the 3 your thing in high school? Were you more of a midrange…

JA: not really. Everybody just gave me the title of a shooter but… I don't really know. I shoot 3's. I shoot jump shots.

Q: so do you remember what kind of percentage you shot the 3 in high school?

JA: not really.

Q: does that impact you? When people start saying that you're a 3 point shooter, do you shoot more because of that?

JA: no. Most people just play me for the 3 point shot. I can do other things. [audio difficulties]

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