VIDEO: Anderson Talks Social Media

Kyle Anderson talks at length about social media and its impact and talks about the several controversies surrounding Shabazz Muhammad this season...

Kyle Anderson on social media:


KA: … I'm on Twitter so… it's nothing I can control so it's not worth being mad at or losing any sleep over. I just don't.

Q: you talk about how you don't pay attention to that but yet do you also have to be conscious of what's out there? You have to be careful because everything is scrutinized.

KA: yeah, I do pay attention because everything could get blown up into something that's not. So that is something I focus on but that's really the only thing.

Q: when did that hit you? That you better be a little cautious about stuff. When did that get clear to you?

KA: just always been something that I got to pay attention to. My parents always told me to act how I would act around them so from day 1, it's been like that.

Q: like with the backpacks and with Shabazz [Muhammad] the other night not jumping into the dog pile, are you surprised that those stories got blown up and as much attention as they did?

KA: no, I'm not surprised at all. It comes with the territory. Shabazz is, in my opinion, one of the best players in the country so it's going to come along with it.

Q: how do you feel he handles all of that?

KA: I think he did a great job with it. It's really frustrating at times, but there's nothing else you can do except just keep working hard as he does. And keep playing well.

Q: Kyle, you're a high profile recruit as well. How have you managed to avoid some of those kind of controversies as Shabazz?

KA: just really kind of doing the same things. Not showing any frustration. Not getting made at any thing. Not getting mad over anything I can't control. Just got to keep playing. Keeping working hard and doing my part.

Q: how many times… When you do put a tweet out there, how many times do you read it over before you hit the button [to submit it]?

KA: yeah, I'll monitor before I send it. I'm not going to send anything stupid or offensive to anybody. At least not subconsciously or consciously. That's about it.

Q: you guys are heading to the Bay Area in first place now. What's [audio difficulties] heading up on this trip?

KA: we know Cal's gotten 2 big wins. Actually a few big wins these last couple of weeks so they're going to be ready to play and try to turn their season around so we're just going to be ready for what they have.

Q: is it kind of like a sense of relief that you finally have climbed back into that first place spot?

KA: yeah, it is definitely. We're getting another chance and we've just got to capitalize on our opportunity this time.

Q: a lot of talk has been your rebounding. You're one of the better defensive rebounders in the PAC-12. What do you have to do to improve your offensive rebounding? Is that kind of a different mindset that you have to get used to?

KA: yeah, I would say. It's just all about effort, really. Going to the glass, being aggressive, making contact, really. That would lead to grabbing all sorts of rebounds.

Q: how many guys do you try to send to the offensive glass?

KA: Coach [Howland] always wants to send 3 to the glass. Maybe even 2 if we're getting hurt in transition.

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